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We are ready for G-Cloud 13 to replace G-Cloud 12 in September 2022 and we will continue to provide Identity and Access Management (IAM) services to the UK public sector.

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Condatis’ new IAM services

  • Identity (IAM, CIAM, IDAM, IDaaS) Solutions
    Identity is crucial to securing your digital services. Condatis are experts in identity and the standards required to build a robust and modern solution for your users. We use our skills and knowledge across multi-discipline, complex ecosystems and apply them to the user journeys and flows that our customers need.
  • Digital Identity (IAM, CIAM, IDAM, IDaaS) Advisory Services
    Having a trusted identity expert is key to identifying and understanding your business requirements and maintaining your responsibility to protect customer and citizen data. Our advisory service offers you a strategic view of your identity capabilities for staff, partners or citizens, supporting appropriate access to digital services.
  • Identity (IAM, CIAM, IDAM, IDaaS) Managed Services and Support
    Condatis Cloud Support Services provides ITIL aligned support for cloud based software services through online and telephone support. A single point-of-contact service desk is available to manage all queries. Staff resolve and manage incidents, and service requests. Engineers actively monitor systems as part of a managed service.

Condatis’ new decentralized identity platform

Condatis Credential Gateway – simplifying decentralized identity orchestration


The Condatis CredentialGateway (CCG) is a decentralized identity platform that simplifies the orchestration of decentralized identity user journeys. The gateway provides verifiable credential capabilities using industry standards, supporting integration with existing data sources, verifiable credential and identity verification service providers, eliminating vendor lock-in and future proofing deployed solutions.

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