Connecting Learners: The Future of Education

28 June 2024


Episode 4: Connecting Learners

Welcome to our latest episode summary of Verify This! In our fourth episode, we were thrilled to have Dr. Keith Look, Vice President of Education Solutions at Territorium, join us. Territorium is a global EdTech company with 12 million users worldwide, dedicated to unlocking the power of education and experience through AI, digital credentials, and decentralised solutions.

In this episode, we covered a variety of topics within the education sector, specifically looking at the transformation of the industry, the learner experience, interoperability, and user ecosystems from education skills assessment to employment.


Evolution in Education: From Retention to Application 

Dr. Look shared insights into the long-standing movement towards competency-based education. Traditionally, educational success was measured by information retention rather than the ability to apply knowledge. This paradigm is shifting, with increasing emphasis on processing information and acquiring micro-skills or stackable credentials. This shift enables a bottom-up and top-down approach, where learners recognise their skills beyond grades, and employers seek candidates with specific, demonstrable abilities. 

Territorium’s Innovative Solutions 

To dig into the impact that innovation is having on the education sector, Lucie and Keith unpack what it is that Territorium offers aimed at bridging the gap between education and employment: 

  1. Digital Wallets: A secure space for learners to store their credentials, making them verifiable and owned by the learner.
  2. Comprehensive Learner Records: A detailed record of all achievements and skills beyond traditional grades.
  3. Life Journey Toolkit: This toolkit includes an analysis of a learner’s skills, shows alignment to various career paths, and identifies remaining skills needed for specific roles.

These tools are designed to provide a personalised pathway to employment, allowing learners to showcase their skills effectively and efficiently. 


Addressing Interoperability and Trust 

Interoperability, a running theme across the Verify This series, is crucial in ensuring that digital credentials are recognised across borders and institutions. Dr. Look emphasises the importance of starting with the premise that learners should own and control their data. By adhering to open standards, Territorium ensures that data is exchangeable and verifiable. The challenge lies in establishing trust among institutions and employers to accept and value these credentials. 

Overcoming Resistance to Change 

Keith addresses that change in the education sector can be slow, but the potential benefits are immense. By highlighting the immediate, practical value of skills acquired throughout the educational journey, we can move away from the model of delayed gratification. This shift requires a cultural change among academic institutions and employers, recognising the real-world applicability of skills over traditional success metrics and leveraging innovative solutions to do so. 


The Future of EdTech 

Looking ahead, the integration of verified credentials and digital wallets could revolutionise the education sector. Verifiable credentials will enable a more dynamic marketplace where education and employment opportunities are more accessible and aligned with individual skills. This bidirectional approach could allow employers and educational institutions to actively seek out individuals with the necessary skills, creating a more efficient and personalised system. 

The conversation concludes that the evolution of education through digital credentials and skills verification holds the promise of a more adaptable, relevant, and personalised learning experience. As we embrace these changes, we can better prepare learners for the demands of the modern workforce, ensuring their success in an ever-changing world. 

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