Condatis release first accessibility audit report for DWP

25 January 2021

We have just completed our first comprehensive accessibility audit of the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) EAS system. Condatis built the EAS system in partnership with Microsoft. It is an Identity and Access management system built on Azure B2C technology that provides secure and robust access to DWP services for 28,000 users from 400 local authorities.

DWP contracted Condatis to comprehensively audit the system and update the portal’s Accessibility statement with the findings, and the work is now complete.

We ran the accessibility audit according to the Government Digital Service (GDS) guidelines. The audit incorporated both an analysis of the mark-up, use of assistive text to speech browser technologies including JAWS, and overall usability. This last item is key. At Condatis we have UX expertise with Nielsen Norman Group-backed qualifications. We reported on the system’s technical element and the other flows and user journeys and clarity in the use of text that make for succinct, usable, and unambiguous interfaces.

We’ll be continuing to work with DWP in the coming month making accessibility improvements to the portal.

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