Condatis gains Microsoft Azure Security competency

30 July 2020

This week Condatis has gained a new Microsoft competency. Our staff have been studying and working hard in the background, and we have added to our existing Microsoft Gold Partner status with a new competency in the Security category. The Security competency is relatively new for Microsoft partners, so we are delighted that we have managed to achieve it so quickly.

This achievement cements our skills in the creation of secure Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions using Microsoft’s Azure B2C platform. 

What we can do for our customers

We have already been supplying intrinsically scalable and secure IAM solutions for our customers across various sectors. The additional qualification in Security is based around the implementation of customer solutions using Intune, Azure Active Directory, Azure Firewalls, and Azure Security centre. Our staff are qualified as Azure Security Engineer Associates. They have the skills and experience to work with our customers to meet their IAM challenges using the latest Microsoft technologies and best practices in an intrinsically secure way. In addition to gaining yet another Microsoft competency, we have also recently renewed our IS27001 accreditation, a testament to our adoption of secure development lifecycles (SDLC) as our standard developmental approach and extending that to creating a secure infrastructure for these systems to run on.

What our Microsoft Gold Partnership means for our team

Condatis is committed to providing the best professional development opportunities for our employees. We want our staff to be happy in their work and also very competent in specialised areas and believe that continually encouraging our team to learn allows us to take advantage of the latest technological changes in a measured and authoritative way. We expect more of our staff to qualify in Security and are always ready to support them as this is a foundation of Condatis’ ‘security-first’ mindset across the entire company. More of our developers are currently working towards becoming Azure Security Engineer Associates and also Azure Developer Associates (AZ-204).

Tell us about your security concerns. We are here to help.

The way we assess, develop and implement Identity and Access Management solutions for our clients is from a security-by-design approach. Speak to us about your security concerns, and we will help you find the optimum solution suitable for your organisation regardless of what stage of digital transformation you are.