Condatis and Identity Experts enter strategic partnership in Identity and Access Management (IAM)

22 March 2019

Sitekit (Condatis) and Identity Experts have entered a strategic partnership, enabling their customers to have access to cohesive, end-to-end IAM services.

Combining our expertise across IAM technologies with Identity Experts enables us to address each stage of a customer’s digital transformation journey and offer comprehensive support across a project’s lifetime.

Dave Murrell, CEO at Identity Experts, said:

“We are delighted to partner with Sitekit (Condatis) to deliver comprehensive solutions to our customers’ needs, working with a brand whose values so closely resemble our own. We’re continually seeking new ways to deliver valuable digital transformation to organisations, and this partnership perfectly aligns with this ambition. It is a partnership which will provide mutual customers with greater insights, value and control across their enterprises – and which will empower many organisations for years to come.”

Joanne Evans, CEO at Sitekit Systems (Condatis), said:

“Sitekit has developed a strong market niche with our expertise in Microsoft Azure Identity Experience Framework and B2C. Our partnership with Identity Experts will enable us to help customers unlock their potential with comprehensive identity solutions and deliver secure, on-brand experiences and support business process for enterprise and partners.”

Delivering end-to-end IAM solutions

Different organisations require differing identity management approaches. To address identity-related challenges, we will jointly support organisations to move legacy software to the cloud, manage the Joiner/Mover/Leaver (JML) process, and design efficient, secure user journeys.

For instance, we have illustrated a use case for higher education:

  1. A student can create an account with their prospective university in order to book open days, sample courses and make their application. The university will want to engage with these prospective students but not pay for an Azure Active Directory Premium (AADP) license for them – so their profile data can be stored in the cloud with an Azure AD B2C account, which Condatis would handle as part of our core competency.
  1. When a prospective student becomes an enrolled student, an AADP license becomes justified as it enables the university to manage their resource access closely. As a joiner, a student can now enrol on courses and pay their tuition fees and would be managed throughout their time in university by Identity Experts’ suite of specialisms – which include Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM), InTune, and Enterprise Mobility and Security (EMS).
  1. Moving through the JML cycle, if the student elects to change department or a member of staff moves position within the university, their movement can be managed using MIM technology.
  2. As a student moves towards the end of their time in university they can enrol for graduation, settle their library fines, and submit their dissertation. Completing the cycle, as a leaver the student will now be migrated back to B2C and Condatis’ specialism.
  1. Once a student graduates, the university will want to continue to engage with the student. By migrating the student back to a B2C account the university can maintain the relationship and allow the student to book events, reunions, and manage their contact preferences.


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