Sitekit & Condatis at INTEROPen Staff Access Hackathon

11 September 2020

Condatis and Sitekit Apps are proud to be attending and presenting at this year’s INTEROPen Staff Access Hackathon on 21st and 22nd September 2020.

This hackathon focuses on Identity, Digital Staff Passports, Access Management together with authorisation and authentication to help join up care by providing patients and professionals in all care settings with better tools to allow secure access and to improve staff management processes.

We’ll present two masterclasses

  • Decentralized identity protocols and standards
  • Single Sign-On and decentralized identity authentication

And we’ll make our SSI-OIDC Bridge available to help hack participants integrate OIDC relying party services with verifiable credential issuers.

We will also be working with colleagues from Sitekit Apps to demonstrate a collaborative bank user solution using the OIDC-SSI bridge and with our partners, Identity Experts to show how we integrate with existing on-premise systems.

The demos will also indicate how Condatis can implement the latest SSI solutions from our partners Evernym or Microsoft to provide decentralised identities and give more choice to end-users.

The two-day virtual event will provide an exciting opportunity for business and technical people in these areas to discuss the ever-increasing option provided by decentralised identity with references to concrete examples, use cases and proven technology.

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