We’re sponsoring Think Digital Identity for Government

9 April 2021
Photo of Chris Eckl, CTO
Author: Chris Eckl, CTO

We’re very excited to announce that we are sponsoring the upcoming Think Digital Identity for Government Conference on 21st May 2021. The conference will be focusing on Identity Fraud and is an opportunity to hear from key experts across government on how they are tackling fraudulent activity.

The day’s agenda is packed with talk tracks from Citizen Identity, a look into how the pandemic has impacted digital services in government, identity in action and identity at an international level, and ending with a session on the future of identity.

Our CTO, Chris Eckl, will join the ‘Futures Panel’ session alongside industry experts, Elinor Hull from Post Office, Diane Joyce from Women in Identity, and Phil Graham from Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. This panel session will focus on what the future of the identity sector looks like. For those who have listened to Chris in action, you’ll know that this is not a session to miss.

Why attend?

Think Digital for Government is an opportunity for you to hear from professionals in the public sector currently combating issues related to digital identity and fraud. It is also an opportunity for professionals to learn from others across the industry on how public sector suppliers can help you solve these issues for your departments now and in the future. The event will also provide insights into what other routes international public sector bodies have taken, giving you an understanding of how certain methods could offer an alternative solution to your challenges.

Join us at Think Digital Identity for Government

Visit our demo desk at the Internet Identity Workshop

Join our CTO, Chris Eckl and our Solutions Architect, Richard Astley, at the Internet Identity Workshop from 20-22 April. Chris and Richard will give a short talk on the interoperability of Self-Sovereign Identity and Decentralized Identity stacks along with a demonstration of the Condatis Staff Passport now working with Microsoft Azure AD Verifiable Credentials.