Top Identity Expert joins Sitekit Group

22 November 2018

Jim Lound joins Sitekit with a wealth of over 20 years’ experience in the identity sector that will help the company navigate this exciting period of growth.

Jim joins Sitekit after nearly 22 years working at Experian where he was at the sharp end of designing, developing and implementing the Experian identity provider platform as part of the GOV.UK Verify service. He was responsible for developing Experian’s Identity as a Service (IDaaS) proposition, allowing customers to reuse their Experian digital identity across a range of public and private sector services. As product owner Jim will bring his technical expertise and business nuance to bear on a number of major projects for Sitekit, managing a diverse set of stakeholders and maintaining direction as the company moves into a new phase of development.

Jim Lound
Jim Lound, Identity Specialist

Jim comes to Sitekit with a career focus on developing identity related products and services that will add strength and robustness to the team. In 2006 he was engaged in a joint project with Microsoft using CardSpace to develop an early proof of concept that allowed users to assert their identity and provide personal attributes when engaging online with private sector organisations.

As the identity industry progressed, in 2008, Jim was responsible for launching the Experian Universal ID check, a platform that provided international identity checking capabilities. That same year he developed a biometric voice authentication service for the private sector. As an early example of IdP interoperability and face-to-face vouching, Jim worked with the Skills Funding Agency to develop a platform that allowed users to access their National Careers Service data with a link out to the Post Office for those who wanted to complete their identity proofing process over the counter.

Jim adds substantial depth to Sitekit’s team with his extensive knowledge of identity standards, having collaborated extensively on their development across the UK. Notably, he contributed to the DWP working group responsible for specifying the standards for electronic identity proofing that subsequently fed into the development of GOV.UK Verify. In the early 2000s Jim was involved with the Financial Services Authority Working groups tasked with developing standards for the use of electronic data in the Know Your Customer (KYC) process, an engagement he continues to the present via the Joint Money Laundering Steering Group (JMLSG).

Chris Eckl, Sitekit Systems CEO, comments: “We’re delighted to welcome Jim to the team, he comes with an impressive array of experience and knowledge from across the identity sector that will be invaluable assets to the company as we continue to expand and grow – we look forward to the value his expertise will contribute to the team.”


“On leaving Experian, one of my objectives was to become involved in new and exciting initiatives in the digital identity space. When I learnt more about what Sitekit was doing, it became clear to me that it is making an impact within the identity industry and I was delighted to accept the opportunity to work for a progressive and expanding company.”

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