Towards self-sovereign identity with DIF

28 November 2018

In pursuit of our vision to deliver safe and transparent information exchange between people and services, Sitekit has joined the Decentralised Identity Foundation (DIF), a collaborative network of leading industry minds working to establish the foundations for a new self-sovereign identity ecosystem.

The decentralised digital identity technology being pioneered at DIF across a series of working groups will enable people to choose which elements of their identity they wish to share in a transaction, depending on the requirements and context of the situation in which they want to use it.

We will be placed at the forefront of efforts at DIF to develop standards that will make it possible to establish a unified interoperable ecosystem that developers and business can build on to unleash a new wave of products, applications and services.

CCO Wilf Prasher comments:

“Our approach to market has been vindicated by the stellar growth we have experienced over the past year and the exciting identity projects we’ve embarked on with a diverse set of blue-chip organisations and central and local government entities. Joining DIF will allow us to continue to develop our core proposition of user value through joined-up cloud based digital services managed in a secure, compliant and user-friendly way.”



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