Condatis and OIX release whitepaper on citizen identity PoC for Scottish Government

28 August 2019

Following the successful delivery of a PoC (Proof of Concept) of citizen digital identity and validation at Scottish Government, Condatis and OIX have released a whitepaper that details outcomes and recommendations, now available on the OIX website.

The whitepaper, authored by Jim Lound, identity product owner at Condatis, details how Microsoft Azure AD B2C cloud identity technology enables secure and seamless user journeys that utilise existing levels of trust with Identity Providers (IdPs), with the opportunity to leverage a face-to-face vouching service to increase the level of confidence in a person’s identity.

Trustworthy citizen identity at the core of digital government

Condatis has been working with the Scottish Government Digital Identity Scotland Programme Board and partners to deliver ‘a robust, secure and trustworthy mechanism by which an individual member of the public can demonstrate their identity online’.

In support of this aim, in early 2019 Scottish Government engaged partners to deliver PoC digital identity functionality to assess modern technologies for their suitability for deployment at scale, across public services and for all citizens of Scotland.

Through this PoC, Condatis has led the delivery of the underlying digital identity platform – an integration layer that enables rapid and straightforward “wiring-up” of digital services with identity providers and thereby providing service access to citizens.

Jim Lound said: “The project team here at Condatis welcomed the opportunity to be involved in the Alpha project, developing the integration layer that, as part of the PoC, demonstrates how citizens can assert their identity to Scottish Government and Local Authority Services using a digital identity created through their Identity Provider.”


Link to whitepaper