Condatis goes live on DOS4

15 October 2019

Condatis’ services are now available to procure via Digital Outcomes and Specialists 4 (DOS4), a framework that encourages lightweight, consistent and open procurement and is available to all public sector organisations.

Having successfully met the framework’s criteria, Condatis’ services will go live on DOS4 under two categories:

  • Digital Outcomes: Condatis’ specialist services, from user research to software development and service delivery are available to help build and support digital services across project phases – from discovery to alpha, beta and live. Public sector organisations that publish their requirements can obtain the corresponding solution within weeks, developed by Condatis’ highly skilled team. Not only does this ensure that all project outputs are realised; by choosing Condatis, organisations can trust that their solution is produced using the highest standards of quality and security.
  • Digital Specialists: Condatis’ individual specialists and technical experts, from architects to developers and designers are on hand to support public sector services, programmes and projects. This is particularly relevant for organisations that require specialist knowledge for a specific piece of work. Our digital specialists will add significant value to projects by applying their vast experience, ensuring organisations are successful in achieving the project outputs and outcomes.

Condatis CTO, Chris Eckl, commented:

“We are delighted to once again have a place on the framework, as it provides public sector buyers with an easy, flexible way to procure our services. Having worked with public sector organisations for over twenty years, our clients can rely on us to provide highly specialised consultancy and software development services”.