Sitekit Group, parent of Condatis Successfully Obtain ISO27001 Certification

6 January 2021

For the third consecutive year, Sitekit and Condatis have passed an external assessment, renewing our ISO 27001 information security standard certification.

Condatis recently passed an external assessment by UKAS accredited auditors, maintaining our certification for the ISO27001 information security standard. Obtaining this certification shows our competence and prominent security practices throughout the whole of Sitekit and Condatis. We continue our dedication to immersing this security standard throughout our business activities internally, and externally through the provision of our services to clients.


Photo of John Yau - Chief Information Officer
John Yau, Chief Information Officer

John Yau, Chief Information Officer, said:

“We have now entered into our third year of continued ISO27001 certification, giving our customers assurance and confidence that we are operating IT security and compliance to a standard that is internationally recognised. In addition to evolving our information security management system (ISMS) through process improvement and investment in tools, it has been necessary to keep up to date with the changing threat and compliance landscape, taking the impact of Brexit on data protection for example. As with many other organisations, this year has also seen challenges in business continuity through the need for secure, remote working practices. Our commitment to continual improvement will enable us to adapt to changing needs whilst maintaining high levels of security assurance and compliance to the ISO27001 standard.”

At Condatis, we pride ourselves in achieving and sustaining quality certifications. We invest heavily in the professional development of our team members, with a few recently obtaining Microsoft Azure Security Engineer Associate qualifications. Condatis recently gained a new Microsoft competency in Security.

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