Microsoft Partner Pledge: We commit!

17 February 2020

We are pleased to announce that Condatis has signed the Microsoft Partner Pledge. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we are proud and excited to share Microsoft’s vision of sustainability, diversity, digital upskilling, apprenticeships and responsible and ethical AI. 

Sustainability is crucial to the way we operate. By using an ethical approach to our work, we believe we provide the best digital solutions for our clients. We take pride in having a diverse workforce and culture and are strong believers in giving young talent the opportunity to gain work experience through apprenticeships. Moreover, we aim to give our employees the best training opportunities: all our team members have one paid day a month that they are free to spend on advancing their skills.

In a written statement, Microsoft described their motivation behind the Partner Pledge:   “Like others, we share the view that the UK is facing a skills crisis. We do not have enough people entering the workforce with the right technical and digital skills, and furthermore, we need more diversity among those who are building our future. While this issue is much broader than gender alone, we are passionate about encouraging more girls and young women to consider a career in the technology industry. In order to build this future, our industry must better reflect the people we aim to serve. And lastly, we need to adopt a culture of lifelong learning in the UK. All of us working today will need to learn new skills to make the most of this new world of opportunity.”

Chris Tate, CEO, said: Condatis is dedicated to supporting a sustainable digital economy. Through our work with Microsoft, we want to ensure that our steps as a partner contribute to building and sustaining a diverse, skilled and knowledgeable technical workforce for the future. We are delighted to be part of this pledge and will continue to move in the right direction, keeping Microsoft’s critical goals in mind throughout the journey.”

We look forward to supporting Microsoft’s goals of improving the technological workforce within the UK.