Hybrid Event: Think Digital Identity for Government

2 November 2022

Think Digital Identity for Government | 17th Nov 2022 | Hybrid event

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We are proud to be the sponsors of Think Digital Identity for Government again, with a Fireside session on Frictionless onboarding in a hybrid world and a panel discussion on Lessons that the public sector can learn from private sector initiatives.

Full event agenda

11:40 – 12:10 Panel discussion

Chris Tate Chief Executive Officer Condatis
Jim Slevin Regional Director ReadID by Inverid
Clare White Public Sector Account Manager Okta



This session covers off some interesting initiatives across private sector identity projects and reflects on approaches that can be adapted for the public sector.



12:40 – 13:00 Fireside chat


In today’s world, our daily lives centre around transactions such as exchanging our data or verifying our identities. With the global shift to hybrid work, how can governments reduce friction when onboarding staff and temporary workers? By introducing verifiable workplace credentials, governments can streamline their onboarding process and cut administration time, reducing the cost of potential security incidents, increasing employee productivity and empowering staff to do the jobs they are hired to do.

In this session, Condatis and ITC will discuss:

  • The common customer challenges we see across highly regulated industries.
  • How verifiable credentials can streamline their HR and operational systems.
  • How organisations can tackle staff mobility challenges using Microsoft Entra Verified ID.
  • How governments can track the credentials of their workforce to ensure the right people have the right skills and clearance to carry out their work.

Meet the speakers:

Book 1-2-1 with Gillian

Gillian Jones, Senior Business Development Manager at Condatis

Gillian Jones is a Senior Business Development Manager at Condatis. Gillian has over 10 years of experience working within the tech industry, particularly in early-stage technology.

She is passionate about identity and its importance and prevalence across commercial settings. Gillian co-chairs a Travel & Hospitality Special Interest Group with the Decentralized Identity Foundation, collaborating with travel industry partners to establish the art of the possible using emerging technology.


Matt Fernandes, Head of Cloud Security at ITC Secure

Matt is the Head of Cloud Security at ITC Secure, leading the professional services team that tackle all requirements for securing identities, data, apps and infrastructure from our clients. With 15 years in the IT management and security industry, Matt has deep technical experience with the Microsoft security stack and leads a team of experts who all strive to achieve the best outcome for our customers.

Along with Matt’s focus on technology is a passion for sustainable living, being an avid keeper of chickens and bees Matt spends a lot of time engrossed in both cyberspace, and meatspace, affording a more grounded and balanced view of the world.


For any follow-up questions please get in touch with us: info@condatis.com.

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