Meet the Team: Q&A with Lead Test Engineer Jayanthi Srinivasan

12 September 2019

This month we caught up with Lead Test Engineer Jayanthi Srinivasan.


Thank you Jayanthi for agreeing to participate in our ‘Meet the Team’ series! Could you describe your role at Condatis? How long have you worked with us? 

I am currently working as a Lead Test Engineer and have been working here for a year. 


What drew you to Condatis and how has Condatis changed since?  

I had been in my previous job for a while and was looking for a new opportunity to advance my career. The prospect of career progression and development at Condatis appealed to me and I’m also still learning as I go 

There have been very visible changes to teams with new people joining us in the last year and different types of projects we’re now working on.    


What do you enjoy the most about your job? 

As Condatis is a bit larger than a start-up, there is a lot of flexibility in my role. I get to assist other team members and make suggestions and recommendations in a variety of situations. Everyone is approachable, so if there are any issues you can speak to someone directly.


What do you find the most challenging aspect of your job?  

In such a fast-changing environment, it can sometimes be difficult to keep up, but we are adaptive and agile.  


Could you describe a typical day in the office? 

I have regular meetings and collaborations with the Developers. My role also involves a little bit of project management. I give guidance to team members, and sometimes it is the other way around and I get to learn from them.  

My role is a mix of manual and automated testing, but in the future, I would really like to further develop my career into automation.  


What current developments are you interested in? 

I’m very interested in technical management approaches and as I am more of a people person and would like to work toward the level of line management someday.  

Occasionally I attend meetups like the ones organised by the Ministry of Testing and whenever I come across new and relevant information, I try my best to pass it on. 


What advice would you give to new team members? 

Even if you are new to the team, remember that there is a lot of previous experience that you can draw from. If you have ideas, you should put them forward as some people may not have thought of your solution before 

Be proactive and constructive when critiquing and don’t be afraid to discuss things openly. Ask questions if you have them, otherwise you won’t get to learn.  


What do you like doing outside of work? (e.g. favourite travel destination, books, shows, food etc.) 

I have a young son, so I usually spend a lot of time with him and we do a lot of fun activities at school. I also sometimes teach Bollywood dancing within the community.