Think Digital Identity for Government: We’re Sponsoring!

29 September 2021

For the second conference in a row, we are delighted to announce our involvement as sponsors of the Think Digital Identity for Government Conference on 25th November 2021. The conference offers an opportunity to hear from key players in the identity space on ideas and strategies for the public sector digital identity government.

The conference this year focuses on the following topics:

  • Social inclusion
  • Decentralised identity
  • The new Government One Login scheme
  • The pensions dashboard
  • Mobile driving licenses
  • Local government identity and international identity

As always, the topics will be discussed and explored further, specifically regarding the challenges, opportunities, and learnings.

We are very excited to announce we’ll be covering the Decentralised Identity session from 10:40 – 11:10. Join our Chief Product Officer, Alasdair Murray, and Microsoft’s Senior Program Manager as part of the Identity Engineering team, Rohit Gulati, as they give you all the expert insight on decentralised identity for the public sector. Within our session, we’ll look deeper into decentralised technology and explore recent real-life use cases involving decentralised identity.

View the full agenda here:

Chris Tate, Condatis CEO said:

“Think Digital Partners have given us excellent opportunities for exploring the key identity challenges for the public sector. The conferences have been a great public forum for us to demonstrate how our public sector clients have streamlined their services and transformed their IT infrastructure to ensure safer digital journeys for citizens and staff.”

Why attend?

The Think Digital for Government conference is always a fantastic opportunity for you to listen to key industry experts in the public sector and hear about the latest identity challenges and developments. The event is one not to be missed, it promises a thorough look into the latest projects, social inclusion, and the exciting development in identity that everyone’s talking about – decentralised identity.

Join us at Think Digital Identity for Government

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