Finance and Legal

Customer identity verification and proofing – supporting compliance and mitigating risk.

You need to perform identity verification and proofing for KYC and AML purposes, helping to mitigate the risk of illegal activity. If you are currently doing this manually, you will find the process requires staff training, is prone to human error and consequently inefficient, slow and expensive. You also need to keep personally sensitive information (such as passport and driving licence scans) safe from unauthorised access.

We can help you perform identity verification and proofing digitally – placing the burden for document checking (authenticity, validity, etc) with third-party services that are fully compliant with government standards for identity checking (GOV.UK) and will keep any data they store highly secure and inline with all necessary regulation.

This means you can:

  • Achieve assured identity verification and proofing, mitigating business risk and supporting compliance with relevant law.
  • Maintain an audit trail, so you can demonstrate customer due-diligence to your own regulatory body.
  • Offer improved security to your customers, so they can be sure their data is provided, used and accessed in an appropriate way.
  • Achieve improved customer experience and satisfaction with an on-boarding process that’s modern, easy to use and straightforward.


What are the next steps?

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