Empowering people to take charge of their health and wellbeing starts with digital identity.

Allowing people to manage their health is an important enabler to reduce the burden on healthcare services. Yet enabling people to access their records or communicate with their health professionals is often not as straightforward as it seems.

Security and privacy concerns can hamper the digital transformation process, resulting in seemingly never-ending PoC projects and lack of alignment of digital services. Consequently, there is a risk of patients and healthcare professionals reverting to inefficient legacy systems. However, if the challenge of digital identity is solved at the very start of digital transformation, all services are joined up to provide cohesive, secure user journeys.

Unlocking digital citizen identities is key to cost-effective digital government

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Trusted identity at the core of digital health

We have been working with NHS and commercial healthcare organisations to enable seamless access to digital records and other services, driven by the end user and their requirements. Digital identity, assurance and validation of credentials are key themes that have a direct impact on the success of digital health.

Like other sectors, healthcare needs to be absolutely certain that an individual’s digital identity matches their real life identity. Asserting the correct level of authority or trust is paramount, before any digital exchange of information can take place. Once digital identities are successfully provided with the right levels of trust, there is a secure foundation to build out all future digital services.

Our solutions are:

  • Compatible – with your existing services and platforms
  • Auditable – so you have full insight into what digital transactions happened when and by whom.
  • Secure – so you can be confident only authorised users are accessing your system
  • Resilient – minimising the risk of attack or denial of service

Customer success stories

Condatis Nuffield Health Case Study Nuffield Health Nuffield Health is one of the leading not-for-profit UK healthcare organisations, looking after people for more than 60 years. Read our case study. See how we made the difference
International health and wellbeing provider The client, a international healthcare group with its origins and headquarters in the United Kingdom, owns a number of IT services and online systems. See how we made the difference
Public sector health organisation Our client works in partnership with NHS Trusts to provide a personnel service that helps them meet their temporary and flexible workforce requirements. See how we made the difference

Getting digital identity right provides a strong front door to your services

Getting identity right can help protect your services from fraudulent use and start to reduce the risk of an expensive and embarrassing customer data breach. We can help you get started.

What are the next steps?

Get in touch with our team to discuss the next steps in improving the efficiency and security of your organisation. After you contact us, one of our experts will get back to you to learn more and understand your requirements.