It is rare in Identity and Access Management to start from a clean sheet of paper.

Our team of architects and software engineers has diverse knowledge of multiple technologies popular in the last 30 years, so wherever organisations are along their journey, we can design the architecture and deploy a new Azure-based scalable digital identity solution.

As well as designing and building new solutions, we can help you move your legacy system e.g, an on-prem, Single Sign-On (SSO), perimeter-protected system, into a cloud-based decentralised security architecture with a modern Identity and Access Management solution at the heart of it.

Integrating services into existing digital infrastructures

Likely integration workstreams often include:

  • existing business applications users access in their day to day work
  • HR systems and databases that govern employee access to services
  • CRM and authorisation databases that govern customer or partner access to services
  • consideration of the work patterns and anticipated load periods
  • user devices.

If clients already have Azure infrastructure and subscriptions, we integrate and deploy systems so clients always retain governance and control of their assets. If not, we extend clients existing solution into Azure where they are in clients’ control.

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