Extensive early support for organisations that need expert knowledge of Identity and Access Management.

Whether your organisation is right at the start of their thinking about identity, or further on in the journey, we offer consultancy services to:

  • analyse your identity needs and place them in a business context, establishing a vision and scope for your identity programme.
  • design identity solutions to deliver this vision considering your existing applications, systems and services; appropriate platforms and services; emerging technologies that can deliver innovation; governance frameworks and user needs.
  • plan the route to minimum viable product (MVP) in live use considering your internal expertise, parallel work, user migration, business critical milestones, knowledge transfer and user engagement.
  • transition to live use considering application and service on-boarding, user on-boarding and ramp up, and establishing appropriate service level agreements.

Consultancy often leads to the production of a Proof of Concept that is a rapid, low-cost demonstration of the technology and how we can work together before going onto full agile development of a production-ready scalable solution.

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