Configurable Identity and Access Management systems based on Microsoft cloud infrastructure.

We are a Microsoft Gold Partner with a highly qualified software engineering team focusing on IEF (Identity Experience Framework) and DID (Decentralised Identities) using .NET technology.

These systems make use of open identity protocols including OAuth2, SAML and OIDC and other ID platform frameworks including Azure B2C

Building an effective identity solution means rigorously applying strict software principles to the practices of:

  • analysis and design
  • building and test
  • integration and deployment
  • evaluation and maintenance.

Cohesive Agile approach

We achieve this through agile software delivery, an approach that supports frequent, meaningful evaluation of progress to plan (sprint demos) with mechanisms to incorporate feedback, improvements and change (sprint retrospectives). We work with our clients to ensure a common understanding of terminology and expectation from the outset, with the key tenets of our work comprising:

  • delivering business objectives through product backlog increments
  • short implementation cycles (sprints) that deliver functional output
  • emphasis on remaining work to achieve release candidate (MVP)
  • time-bound planning, refinement and estimation sessions
  • joint ownership of decisions / consensus of team
  • sprint demonstrations as acceptance or rejection of work done
  • sprint retrospectives as opportunities to improve.

Clear, mutually agreed reference standards

We establish clear, mutually agreed tests to assess work is delivered to standard (Definition of Done, including acceptance criteria, test scope, documentation requirements and security measures) and steps to assess product backlog items as sufficiently described to begin work (Definition of Ready).

We work with our clients to establish frameworks and governance that should be in place to support high standards of work (e.g. use of MSP, use of security principles such as Secure Development Lifecycle (SDL).


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