About us

Condatis: UK market leaders in Microsoft Azure AD B2C integration.

Founded in 1989 under the name of Sitekit, our company has provided a range of digital solutions from web services, digital health, to digital Identity. In September 2019, Sitekit rebranded our specialist identity unit as Condatis. Our sister companies, Sitekit Solutions and Sitekit Applications continue to provide web solutions and digital health applications.

We are a team of more than 30 IAM specialists, including system architects, software developers, security specialists and test engineers. Our team support organisations in creating seamless user journeys built on Microsoft Azure AD.

For more than six years, we have been Microsoft Gold Partners in the Cloud Platform, and Datacenter categories, and Silver Partner in Security, Application Development and Data Analytics.

We are closely involved in the development of the Azure AD B2C platform for external Identity and Access Management (IAM) and are also actively involved in Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI) with our partners.

Recently, we joined the Sovrin Network as Sovrin Stewards to further develop our work in building systems to support trusted digital transactions.  We are members of the Decentralized Identity Foundation (DIF) and the Open Identity Exchange.

At Condatis, we have adopted secure development lifecycles (SDLC) as our standard developmental approach to everything that we do. From our ISO27001 accreditation, our Microsoft Azure Security credentials, and our team’s continuous professional development. We take security seriously; it is ingrained in our company culture and extends out to the work we produce for our customers.


Our name comes from the Celtic god “Condatis” and is associated with the convergence of rivers. Condatis is the guardian of this process, ensuring:

  • Clarity & transparency: we design solutions for data to aggregate in the right way, at the right time
  • Flowing & fast-moving: we ensure the architecture of our solutions allow data to move between devices and systems easily and swiftly – delivering an exceptional user experience
  • Adaptive: our solutions respond to your business needs enabling you to adapt to a fast-moving technology landscape and stay ahead of your competitors

Our story so far


Where it all starts

Isle of Skye (Scotland, UK) native Campbell Grant sets up a consultancy firm called Bambi Engineering, providing computer control systems for the oil and gas industry.


Riding the waves of the web

As the ‘World Wide Web’ starts getting more traction, Bambi Engineering rebrands to Gael.net and starts to focus on delivering website, e-business and multimedia solutions.


It’s a new millennium

Chris Eckl joins Campbell Grant to deliver one of the world’s first content management systems: Sitekit CMS. They debut their product at the CeBIT conference in Germany.


From then on, it is Sitekit Ltd

Sitekit CMS is so popular with clients that founders Campbell and Chris decide to rename Gael.net to Sitekit Ltd. By then, the CMS is already on its third version; Sitekit CMS v3.


Emphasis on innovation

Sitekit CMS is going strong, powering the websites of large volumes of customers and winning international awards. To sustain our growth, we focus increasingly on R&D; and in July 2008 MIT Professor Mike Grandinetti officially opens Sitekit Labs, a division that works exclusively on developing innovative new technologies.


Using technology to improve the health and well-being of citizens

The UK Government launches the dallas (delivering assisted living lifestyles at scale) programme to develop innovative digital health; we win a place in all dallas consortia as a recognised technical authority.


Digital identity powers interoperability

Through the dallas programme, we become a subject matter expert in digital citizen identity as the fundamental building block for interoperable solutions. Our team successfully designs and implements a vouching solution, where a medical professional confirms the identity of a patient. Our (gold) partnership with Microsoft is cemented; giving us access to Microsoft’s latest technology and commercial strategy


Identity grows

We sign on lighthouse clients Nuffield Health, Bupa and Lloyd’s Register to test the identity capabilities of Microsoft Azure; our reputation as an authority on digital identity consolidates.


Identity for Government

Central Government clients engage with us as identity subject matter experts and we embark on innovative projects in secure digital identity. At the end of 2017, we expand to a new Edinburgh office, offering twice the space of our old office.


New global clients in banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI)

Our customer base grows and following a successful PoC, we win a major contract with an international payment provider to design and deliver a global universal identity layer that supports user owned and controlled identities.


Welcome, Condatis

Following record growth of our IAM product and service offerings, we launch a ‘brand’ new name in digital identity: Condatis. Under our new name we conduct all activities that we previously did under the name Sitekit Systems.


COVID-19 Digital Staff Passport

Condatis, Sitekit and Evernym support the NHS' rapid frontline staff deployment with the UK's first decentralized identity solution - the NHS Digital Staff Passport.


Condatis named Microsoft Azure AD Verifiable Credentials Partner at Ignite

At Microsoft Ignite we were named one of the first global implementation partners for Azure AD Verifiable Credentials.


Condatis launch decentralized identity orchestration solution, Condatis Credential Gateway

The Condatis Credential Gateway (CCG) is a decentralized identity platform that simplifies the orchestration of decentralized identity user journeys. The gateway is a system-neutral solution, providing verifiable credential capabilities in a common standards-based way, supporting easy integration with any verifiable credential or identity verification service provider without being locked in with a specific vendor


Our partners

We are humbled to work with our amazing partners, jointly creating identity solutions that shape the digital world of tomorrow.

Interested in partnering with us? Learn more about our partner programme by emailing marketing@condatis.com