Microsoft Entra Verified ID

The next step in the evolution of digital identity

Microsoft Entra Verified ID represents the next phase in the evolution of digital identity, introducing vital functionalities essential in today’s ever-evolving digital landscape. With Microsoft Entra Verified ID, we can now: 

  • Safely and efficiently onboard employees, partners, and customers from remote locations. 
  • Seamlessly grant access to the necessary resources, streamlining their user experience. 
  • Offer self-service capabilities that empower individuals to manage their identities independently. 

Entra Verified ID leverages innovative standards such as Decentralized Identifiers (DIDs) and the Verifiable Credential Data Model. These open standards simplify the support for Business-to-Business (B2B) staff transitions, fostering trust through DIDs without the intricacies of managing federated relationships. 

Organisations can use Entra Verified ID to issue credentials and attributes to users, following the interoperable Verifiable Credential Data Model. This results in a portable digital identity that users can share as needed, enhancing flexibility and security. 

Entra Verified ID has been meticulously crafted to assist organisations in tackling contemporary identity verification challenges and facilitating zero trust decision-making processes. 

Explore some of the other capabilities and benefits available now. 

Entra Verified ID Product Capabilities

Remotely onboard, issue, and verify identity credentials for employees, partners, and customers. Create their own digital identity that they control, providing easy access to everything they need within your organisation.
  • Onboard employees from anywhere
  • Faster time-to-hire
  • Faster time-to-productivity
  • Provide access to resources within minutes
  • Easily present credentials to business partners and benefits providers
  • Collaborate with partners outside the corporate network
Quickly verify an individual’s credentials and status to confidently grant least-privilege access. Provide secure, instant access to the applications and resources your employees, partners, and customers need by verifying and giving them control over their digital identity.
  • Verify temporary worker and employee credentials
  • Verify the credentials of partners, contractors, gig workers, employees
  • Access Workplace applications for verified employees, partners or contractors
  • Business-to-business access
  • No need to manage individual federations or multiple accounts
  • Integrates with existing Enterprise Management in Entra ID
  • Integrates with existing on-premise infrastructure
  • Secure workflows for external access to resources
  • Simplify access policies
Users can become empowered to manage their accounts and recover passwords. Using self-service allows users to get back to work faster.
  • Straightforward process to verify identity
  • Reduce support phone calls
  • Reduce security questions
  • Faster self-service account recovery and password reset
  • Reduce the time employees spend resetting passwords and managing their accounts
  • Keep systems secure with status changes, such as expiration or credential revocation, visible to all partners and verifiers

How we work together

  • Baseline identity terminology so we’re all speaking the same language 
  • Put your requirements in context and validate them 
  • Solution design together with your engineering teams 
  • Plan for success in weeks, not months 
  • Develop a Decentralized Identity strategy that supports your current and future business objectives 

Covering all your needs to ensure peace of mind and the longevity of your system.

Our specialists are available at a time that suits you to discuss: 

  • What your immediate requirements are 
  • What solution is right for your business 
  • Your current set-up and optimisation opportunities 
  • Your current business goals for Decentralised Identity and how Entra Verified ID can accelerate attainment 

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