Microsoft Entra External ID

Extend access to users outside your organisation with Entra External ID

Microsoft Entra External ID supplements the identity and access management features offered by Microsoft Entra ID, allowing your organisation to provide authentication and authorisation experiences for your partners and customers. It enables these external users to either create a new identity for your organisation or bring an existing identity from their own Microsoft Entra tenant or other providers such as Google and Facebook. 

Microsoft offers three products under the External ID umbrella:

  • Azure Active Directory B2C which provides customers and partners with direct access to your apps using completely customised authentication journeys, keeping all identity and access management isolated away from your Microsoft Entra tenant. 
  • Microsoft Entra External ID for partners which allows you to invite partners to collaborate via your Entra ID directory, using an account from their own organisation’s Microsoft Entra tenant, one-time passcodes, or other compliant identity providers. 
  • Microsoft Entra External ID for customers which is the new streamlined way to provide customers with direct access to your apps using self-service registration and authentication journeys. This is currently in public preview. 




Picking the right product for your needs can be tricky, but we can help 

Here at Condatis we have a wealth of experience designing and implementing External ID solutions and can help you make the right choice based on your business requirements. We can guide you down the path and provide you with an identity and access management solution that meets your needs and best integrates with your existing IT estate. 

Each External ID product uses common standards such as OAuth 2.0, OpenID Connect, and SAML 2.0 to provide secure communication with your applications that need an authenticated user, and to support federation to other identity providers such as Google and Facebook when the user is bringing their own identity. 


How we work together

  • Baseline identity terminology so we’re all speaking the same language
  • Put your requirements in context and validate them
  • Solution design together with your engineering teams
  • Plan for success in weeks, not months
  • Develop an IAM strategy that supports your current and future business objectives

Covering all your needs to ensure peace of mind and the longevity of your system.

Our specialists are available at a time that suits you to discuss:

  • What your immediate requirements are
  • What solution is right for your business
  • Your current set-up and optimisation opportunities
  • Your current business goals and how External ID can meet them

Are you interested in discussing the benefits of Microsoft Entra External ID? Book a briefing call with our team.

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