End-to-end IAM for enterprise and government

What good IAM looks like

We understand no-one wants to buy IAM software. You have a business problem to solve and getting identity right helps you do that. We help you do that in a structured way.

Workshop your identity needs

When we start working together, we run a series of workshops to listen and understand your needs where we will:

  1. Ensure everyone is on the same page by establishing identity and access management basics, so everyone has a common understanding and is using the same language.
  2. Demonstrate conventional IAM practices and patterns, what’s coming down the pipe and the “art of the possible” with identity and access management today.
  3. Identify and describe agreed business use-cases/problem to solve, and make sure we have a common understanding of what solving these problems looks like.
  4. Design a high-level solution with you. We will start from a whiteboard and bring our learning from previous sessions to agree on a solution design.


When we’ve finished our workshops, we’ll work with you to document your IAM requirements and set a clear plan for success. We will produce documents that help you and your team agree on the right way to move forward.

  1. IAM strategy document, so you can achieve quick wins and investment return on what you have in place now while making sure you’re planning for the future.
  2. IAM high-level design document, which clearly sets the problem to solve in a phased way and sets the scope of the work to do.
  3. Project plan, showing who needs to do what when to get your IAM capabilities working for your business and your customers.
  4. Implementation effort estimate, so we have an agreed and costed scope of work.

Getting it delivered

As we’re working through the planning phase, we’re agreeing on scope, approach, and identifying any constraints, risks, issues, assumptions or dependencies we need to be aware of. We will then start engineering work with a Sprint Zero that gives us a fixed effort for a given phase of work so we can start with confidence. We’ll then work through a number of agreed sprint cycles with a working product version at the end of each sprint. As we see project scope change, we’ll use a structured process to make sure anything new is discussed at the right time and demonstrates value to the IAM solution. As a team, we’ll run regular meetings to talk about what’s going well and where there may be room to improve.

Always here to help

When you’re getting ready to go live with your IAM solution and move into BAU (business as usual), we’ll work with you to agree on any support needs. We can offer ITIL-aligned 24 / 7 / 365 service desk or a more light-touch approach.