Condatis Credential Gateway

Credential issuance and verification simplified

Our Condatis Credential Gateway (CCG) is a decentralized identity service that provides organisations with a platform to simplify credential issuance and verification.

The gateway is a system-neutral solution, providing verifiable credential capabilities in a common standards-based way to support easy integration with any verifiable credential or identity verification service provider without being locked in with a specific vendor.

Driving innovation with Microsoft, our trusted identity partner

Condatis is a trusted Microsoft implementation partner for accelerating decentralized identity adoption on Azure Active Directory. Our specialisation in Microsoft Azure AD B2C, paired with our experience in deploying decentralized identity solutions at scale, makes Condatis a safe pair of hands to help you navigate the complexities that arise when handling large data siloes.


Transforming how identity data is controlled, shared, and stored

Condatis mobile credentialsWith businesses accelerating their digital transformation, Condatis Credential Gateway offers organisations an opportunity to empower their users and enhance how they currently share and store data. With data governance and compliance challenges, organisations may face difficulties in several scenarios. CCG is an opportunity to streamline processes where:

  • users are distributed, and mobility between physical sites is required.
  • there is a diverse existing legacy IT ecosystem.
  • there is a need for verifiable data from trusted partners.
  • there is a need to enhance data security, privacy, and transparency for users and organisations.

Condatis Credential Gateway bridges the gap in communications protocols. As part of an integrated Identity and Access Management strategy, Verifiable Credentials offers a solution. By issuing personal identification data to a mobile device loaded with secure wallets, users can share, hold, and control their data on the go. Data can be shared and cryptographically verified when requested to ensure it hasn’t been changed since its issuance without needing a link back to the original credential issuer.

The Condatis Credential Gateway simplifies the introduction and implementation of Verifiable Credentials within organisations, enabling them to integrate into identity journeys using existing data sources or external services, such as Identity Verification or Biometrics. Credential data can be extracted from existing systems, issued credentials, and a managed verification process through standards-based APIs.

Organisations can use the gateway service to chain identity aspects and parts of an individual’s data journey together, using Azure AD and external Identity Verification or Biometric capture services to generate a Verifiable Credential.

Why implement Condatis Credential Gateway?

In a world where people are distributed by location, we are finding that access to services is increasingly becoming remote, posing data security challenges. Where personal data is involved, every environment is a high-risk situation. The Condatis Credential Gateway offers organisations benefits for:

  • Time: accelerating adoption of Verifiable Credentials to improve numerous business processes, such as staff on-boarding.
  • Cost: Organisations can rely on a trust framework and distributed verification. The confidence to trust the data exchanged between systems. Our gateway provides a trusted foundation for credential exchange built around your organisation’s governance frameworks, allowing you to run autonomously while digital transactions occur.
  • Risk management: maintain better controls and logging within regulated or secure environments, such as training and health and safety.
  • Simplified integration: We work with your existing systems and current infrastructure – you don’t need to start from scratch! The Condatis Credential Gateway allows you to integrate with multiple systems without disruption of services such as identity verification, audit logging, and internal data sources. Interoperability is built in at the heart of our solutions so that your existing identity systems are future-proofed.
  • Flexibility: the gateway offers you the flexibility to support multiple use cases is facilitated through the same architecture.
  • A privacy-preserving system: Ensuring only the minimum data required by the service provider is disclosed.

Current deployments

Condatis verifiable workplace credentials To continue streamlining the way we operate here at Condatis, we implemented Microsoft Azure AD Verifiable Credentials in our daily work processes. Verifiable credentials help us further secure the way visitors access our office, increase staff onboarding efficiency, and simplify our on-site health and safety procedures. By using verifiable credentials, we can fully trust records… Learn more
Optimising staff movement for Sellafield Ltd – a verifiable credentials case study This verifiable credentials case study covers Condatis and Sellafield's work to optimise staff movement with distributed ledger technology to expand Sellafield's employee identity management capabilities. Learn more
Enhancing student experiences with Microsoft Entra Verified ID Condatis and Microsoft engaged in a Proof of Value project with the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. The Proof of Value (PoV) focused on using Azure AD Verifiable Credentials to facilitate smoother student onboarding and use cases to enhance the student experience. Learn more
Rapid frontline staff deployment with the NHS Digital Staff Passport The DSP is built on decentralized technology and enables healthcare workers to control how their identity details are used and stored. With the DSP, a healthcare professional's data is held cryptographically on their mobile device using Connect.Me, Evernym's digital wallet. Learn more

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Condatis Credential Gateway in action

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