Our people, your team

We are the UK market leaders in Microsoft Azure AD B2C Integration

Meet our team of highly-skilled identity and access management professionals specialising in integrating Microsoft Azure AD B2CDecentralised Identity, SAML and OpenID Connect technologies. As Microsoft Solutions Partners, we invest in our people and their professional development. The software team at Condatis consist of certified Microsoft Azure Security Engineer Associates, Microsoft Azure Developer Associates, mobile developers, test engineers and architects. Our qualified experts are always on hand and dedicated to helping our customers along the path to digitally transforming their organisations. Interested in making a difference online? We’re always looking for expertise and welcome CVs. You may be just the person we’re looking for.


Alexander Davis

Business Analyst


Cameron Bell

IAM Lead


Caol Hirvonen

QA Engineer


Plamen Yotov

Lead Technical Architect


Rishana Katti

QA Engineer


Lucie MacNeill

Product Marketing Lead


Ian Brooks

Lead DevOps


Donald Robertson

Lead Developer


Dave Downs

Solutions Architect


Michael Dick

Chief Finance Officer


Luca Ricchi

Principal Developer


Alasdair Murray

Chief Product Officer


Will Fletcher

Senior Business Analyst


Joseph Lyons

Senior Developer


Nick Young

Tech Lead


Gillian Jones

IAM Lead


Yuri Meirans

Product Support Specialist


Avinash Verma

Senior Developer in Test


Ian Stewart

Chief Operating Officer


Jenny Lantair



James Young

Marketing Executive


Fiona Edmond

IAM Lead


Chris Eckl

Chief Trust Officer


John Yau

Chief Information Officer


Michael Bickett

Lead QA


Khazer Hashmi

Project Manager


Nathan Wallbank



Jane Berry

Senior Project Manager


Richard Astley

Solutions Architect


Antonios Tsikrikas

Lead Developer


Sam Donaldson

QA Engineer


Chris Tate

Chief Executive Officer


Arthur Andreev

QA Engineer


Greig Ness

Head of Delivery


Matt Fernandes

Solutions Architect


Jamal Issa

Business Analyst


Alpesh Savani

QA Engineer


Krisnatagoras Araujo



Campbell Grant

Group Chairman


Yasmeen Alamango

Head of Marketing


Mandy Yip



Indiana Kerrison

Senior Developer