Support at Condatis

At Condatis, we don’t just build solutions for our clients. We also fully actively support these systems and our support comes in many forms from traditional support desk, to maintenance and technology support.

Software support

To support the digital identity solutions we provide, Condatis create robust, auditable and scalable IAM systems on cloud-based infrastructure supported by a team fully trained in ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) principals.

We offer third-line assistance to your in-house support team or full first-line support backed by Support Level Agreements (SLAs) and Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs), giving you the assurance you need for operational service.

When using our support service, support requests are logged by our support desk software and tracked and with periodic reports on response times and incident handling measurements as standard. As part of our commitment to quality management and ISO9001, continual service improvements are crucial to our service delivery. We anticipate free and frank conversations with our customers over the service period so that we can improve what we do for you and how we do it. Our software and our support team comply to ISO27001 standards, including collation, handling and response to support requests, ensuring our entire operation is intrinsically secure.

Software support is not software maintenance, but we do that too.

Software is complex, our software is no different. Modern software systems have numerous dependencies made up of the components, libraries and frameworks on which the overall solution is built. These components need to be monitored and kept up to date and can be delivered as part of a software maintenance arrangement. Libraries in use can have vulnerabilities exposed, the library supplier will provide a patch for such weaknesses, but that revised library needs both tested and then applied into the overall solution. Our maintenance contracts can cover this and include release management, periodic component updates and also support for fast patching to protect from zero-day exploits.

Technology support

Identity and access management is a rapidly evolving technology space and your requirements may be also fast-changing. We offer technology guidance and support options allowing us to provide briefs or assessment periodically through the year. Alternatively, quarterly peer-to-peer solution architect meetings can be planned to inform you of emerging changes in systems and infrastructure.

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, our close connection to the Microsoft Identity Engineering Team gives us insider knowledge of beta and private preview technology releases. We can share our insights and pre-releases with you to help assess product suitability for you and support software roll-out. This level of technical guidance and support can be done piecemeal or on a retainer basis.

Across all areas of support, we can provide you with the confidence to embrace emerging technologies backed by cast-iron ITIL based SLAs and short response and resolution times.

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