Microsoft Entra ID Governance

Enhance productivity and security

Balancing security and productivity, Microsoft Entra ID Governance brings precise access controls to critical resources, safeguards assets, and enhances workforce efficiency. In the name, Entra ID Governance enables you to govern access to resources through workflow automation and entitlement access for both employees, guests, and partners.

Improve productivity: Streamline access for employees, suppliers, and business partners to both cloud-based and on-premises applications and services at scale by removing manual approvals.

Strengthen security: Leverage machine learning for access decisions to mitigate the potential risks associated with access misuse and establish reviews to verify the ongoing user, group or access privileges.

Automate routine tasks: Assign routine resource access requests to relevant business groups and automate the approval process for standard resource access.

Entra ID Governance builds on features in Entra ID P2 offering new capabilities across four areas.

Available from the start of 2023, this capability will enable recommendations for employers during access review processes. Microsoft’s machine learning will utilise a scoring mechanism to identify differing behaviour between users within one ‘group’, if one or few users behave differently to the majority, this will revoke their access.
  • Ensure up to date access policies for new or moving staff
  • Minimise the risk of compromise and audit findings
  • Reduce workload from manual access reviews
Determine if those requesting access are within the scope of your access package policy at scale. Entitlement management can help you efficiently manage access to groups and applications for both internal and external users.
  • Beneficial for organisations dealing with external access requirements
  • Minimise manual access requests
  • Enable just-in-time access
A new identity governance feature, lifecycle workflows enable organisations to manage Azure AD users by automating processes for Joiners, Movers, and Leavers. This cloud-based solution provides organisations with the opportunity to rely less on on-premises infrastructure when it comes to complex lifecycle scenarios.
  • Facilitate quicker onboarding
  • Adapt to role changes quickly
  • Reduce risk with robust offboarding
  • Automate repetitive manual identity lifecycle tasks
Consolidate your Identity Governance overview in a simple dashboard which will enable you to leverage product capabilities when you need and provide fast access to compliance reports.
  • Assess the complexity of your identity landscape
  • Understand the coverage of your governance automations to identify gaps

See more detail around what features are included in which license here

Interested in reading more about ID Governance? Hear from our Solutions Architect, Matt Fernandes, on how this product will help businesses better navigate the balance between productivity and security in line with compliance.

We provide a team of identity specialists dedicated to supporting you throughout your identity journey. We collaborate with you to ensure a comprehensive understanding of your organisation’s requirements. Our specialised team possesses extensive expertise across various identity platforms, enabling us to help you maximise the benefits of Microsoft Entra ID Governance for your organisation.

How we work together

  • Baseline identity terminology so we’re all speaking the same language
  • Put your requirements in context and validate them
  • Solution design together with your engineering teams
  • Plan for success in weeks, not months
  • Develop a cloud first strategy for Joiner, Mover, Leaver and entitlement management to support current and future business objectives.

Covering all your needs to ensure peace of mind and the longevity of your system.

Our specialists are available at a time that suits you to discuss:

  • What your immediate requirements are
  • What solution is right for your business
  • Your current set-up and optimisation opportunities
  • Your current business goals for internal identity and access management and how Entra ID Governance can accelerate attainment


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We deliver a dedicated team of identity specialists to assist you throughout your identity journey.

Our team collaborate with you to ensure the seamless operation of your Identity and Access Management (IAM) system.