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Optimise how your customers interact with your business digitally

Digital identity has never been so important for organisations, staff, and end-users. Today, digital solutions are front and centre for organisations looking to innovate and improve their overall business process and customer experience. Digital optimisation is a must. The power of digital identity and access management is endless. The advances in digital identity have seen changes to online transactions, a shift in how we authenticate online and user accounts, continued biometric advancements, and there’s only more to come.

Condatis is a UK leader in identity and access management, and together with our partners at Microsoft, we enhance customer access to digital services through Microsoft Azure AD B2C.

What is Azure AD B2C?

Using mobile

Azure Active Directory (AD) B2C is a customer identity and access management solution. Azure AD B2C enables businesses, governments, and other organisations to give their customers access to their web and mobile applications. Customers can use their preferred social identity, enterprise identity, or local accounts for single sign-on (SSO) access to a wide range of applications and Application Programming Interfaces (API) Customers need to know that they’re interacting with your service and not being sent off to add their personal information on a third-party platform. With B2C, the entire experience can be customised to meet your business’ needs, company branding, and messaging. The power of Azure AD B2C lies in the Microsoft Identity Experience Framework (IEF). This framework is a powerful tool that orchestrates the build of almost any authentication, user registration, profile editing, or account recovery service.


Delivering value for your customers with Azure AD B2C

When building out your organisation’s external identity capabilities, using Azure AD B2C has several benefits for your business:

  • Leverage your existing Azure commitment and only pay for what you use.
  • No need to onboard a new platform or supplier.
  • Automatically receive the benefit of Microsoft’s platform being built for scale to handle security risks like denial of service, password spray and brute force attacks.
  • Trust in B2C to provide a secure authentication process and user storage so that you can focus on your core business needs.
  • Integrate with modern applications or commercial software packages that support standards such as OpenID Connect, OAuth, and SAML2.
  • Hook into your existing data stores or third-party systems, enhancing your authentication journeys with features like identity verification, device fingerprinting, or custom audit and telemetry.
  • Customize the entirety of your business’ Azure AD B2C solution, from the look and feel of individual pages, down to the steps users go through to sign-up and sign-in.
  • Provide a consistent experience for users signing in across services.
  • Make use of the latest developments in security such as Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) and conditional access policies – blocking or prompting users for additional verification when a risky sign-in is detected using fully customisable rule sets.
  • Support completely custom authentication journeys such as rights elevation, user impersonation, or registration via invitation.

Extend your Azure AD B2C capabilities with bespoke solutions

We have been working closely with Microsoft since we started our business, working with Microsoft’s cloud computing offerings since their inception. We build out Microsoft identity capabilities in partnership with Microsoft Product Group (Microsoft’s in-house engineering team). All our team members at Condatis are encouraged to upskill in Azure competencies – we give you the best team to build the best solutions.

With our Microsoft Solutions Partnership status comes vast knowledge, experience, and expertise. We are your intermediary in finding and implementing the most suited and tailored Microsoft Azure solutions for your business.

Our Microsoft Solutions Designation validates the skills of our workforce and demonstrates the reliability of our software and services. Most importantly, this achievement highlights our consistent delivery and commitment to our customers and the Azure AD B2C identity solutions we have developed for them.

Accelerating digital transformation with Microsoft Azure AD Verifiable Credentials

Microsoft Azure AD Verifiable Credentials is at the forefront of digital transformation, with verifiable credentials being the latest advancement to come into play with Azure AD. With verifiable credentials, individuals have complete ownership and control of their data. By using Microsoft Authenticator, users can share personal data at their leisure and revoke their credentials when necessary.

Verifiable credentials are a form of decentralized identity, now adopted by Microsoft. Microsoft’s three-step process of issuing, verifying, and presenting the credentials places the user in the driver’s seat from the start to the end of their identity journey. Verifiable Credentials simplifies the process using Microsoft’s decentralized identity authenticator platform.

Azure AD Verifiable Credentials


We’re incredibly honored to be recognised and named by our partners at Microsoft as one of four trusted global partners for implementing decentralized identity solutions through Microsoft Azure AD Verifiable Credentials. Our decentralized identity stack simplifies the whole issuer, verifier, and holder process.

Customer Success

World-leading maritime logistics provider Working closely with the client’s technical team, Condatis produced a PoC illustrating how Azure AD B2C can be used to orchestrate authentication journeys. Read more
Global engineering company Our client is a global engineering, technical and business services organisation providing compliance, risk and technical consultancy services. Read more
Condatis Nuffield Health Case Study Nuffield Health Nuffield Health is one of the leading not-for-profit UK healthcare organisations, looking after people for more than 60 years. Read our case study. Read more


Learn more about our Azure AD B2C capabilities

Get in touch with our team to discuss the next steps in improving the efficiency and security of your organisation. After you contact us, one of our experts will get back to you to learn more and understand your requirements.

Trust in Azure, Trust in Decentralized Identity - Introducing Azure AD Verifiable Credentials

Azure AD B2C Verifiable Credentials is the latest advancement in the decentralized space. Putting your users in control of their data has never been easier. Based on Azure technology, this advancement empowers users and restores trust between organisations and their customers.

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