Microsoft Entra

Protecting your people and assets with multicloud identity

In today’s digital landscape, organisations face an ever-growing challenge: securing their digital ecosystems while ensuring seamless access to critical resources. Microsoft Entra provides comprehensive solutions designed to safeguard your organisation’s identity and access management needs.

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, Condatis can enhance Microsoft Entra technology to offer bespoke, practical solutions where IT infrastructure is complex. Our team of over 50 experts are skilled in streamlining systems to improve user experience and reduce overall friction, risks and costs. With our Solutions Partnership status comes vast knowledge, experience, and expertise. We are your intermediary in finding and implementing the most suited and tailored Microsoft Entra solutions for your business.

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Meet your business needs with Microsoft Entra

Secure Access Anytime, Anywhere

The Entra product suite empowers organisations to provide secure access to any application or resource, from anywhere in the world. With the proliferation of remote work and diverse device usage, ensuring access security is paramount. Microsoft Entra delivers on this by enabling secure access from both within and outside your organisation’s network.

Seamless Identity Verification

Security starts with verifying the identity of users, applications, devices, and workloads. Microsoft Entra seamlessly verifies identities, ensuring that only authorised entities gain access to your ecosystem. This comprehensive identity verification enhances protection against unauthorised access and data breaches.

Necessary Access

Maintaining control over permissions and privileges within your organisation’s ecosystem is critical. Entra provides powerful tools for managing access rights, ensuring that the right people have the right level of access to resources. This granular control helps minimise your security risks and maintain compliance.

Simplified User Experience

We understand that a complex IAM system can lead to user frustration and reduced productivity. With the right technology you can empower your hybrid workforce through single sign-on capabilities, self-service management features such as password resets or account recovery and enable automated lifecycle workflows, reducing IT pain points and improving compliance.

Discover Microsoft Entra



Microsoft Entra ID

A cloud-based identity and access management solution, offering single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and conditional access, protecting against 99.9% of cyber threats.

Microsoft Entra Verified ID

Efficiently onboard employees, partners, and customers through identity credentials which can be issued and verified, ensuring reliable self-service enrolment and access.

Microsoft Entra ID Governance

Balance security and productivity with precise access control to critical resources, safeguard assets, and enhance workforce efficiency.

Microsoft Entra External ID

Blend security with people-centric experiences across all external facing applications, providing access to customers, partners, citizens, and more.

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Customer Success

saudi-skyline The New Visitor Experience Condatis embarked on a project to revolutionise how travellers engage with a destination using decentralised identity and our product Cenda. See how we made the difference
Unlocking Efficiency with Microsoft Entra ID Governance Through a Microsoft Entra ID Governance PoC, Condatis modernised and automated the JML processes for our client. The innovative solution, provided a host of benefits like increased security and efficiency, serving as a blueprint for optimizing identity management and HR processes. See how we made the difference
Seamless Identity Transformation: UCL’s Path to Success Discover how UCL revamped its applicant account management with Azure B2C, enhancing user experiences, security, and scalability. This case study showcases seamless onboarding, improved security measures, and operational efficiency, while paving the way for future identity solutions. UCL's success story offers valuable insights for institutions aiming to modernise their digital engagement. See how we made the difference
Defra Common Identity Platform Since May 2018, Condatis and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) have worked together on several Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) strategy and implementation projects. See how we made the difference
Condatis verifiable workplace credentials To continue streamlining the way we operate here at Condatis, we implemented Microsoft Azure AD Verifiable Credentials in our daily work processes. Verifiable credentials help us further secure the way visitors access our office, increase staff onboarding efficiency, and simplify our on-site health and safety procedures. By using verifiable credentials, we can fully trust records… See how we made the difference
Optimising staff movement for Sellafield Ltd – a verifiable credentials case study This verifiable credentials case study covers Condatis and Sellafield's work to optimise staff movement with distributed ledger technology to expand Sellafield's employee identity management capabilities. See how we made the difference
Enhancing student experiences with Microsoft Entra Verified ID Condatis and Microsoft engaged in a Proof of Value project with the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. The Proof of Value (PoV) focused on using Azure AD Verifiable Credentials to facilitate smoother student onboarding and use cases to enhance the student experience. See how we made the difference
Rapid frontline staff deployment with the NHS Digital Staff Passport The DSP is built on decentralized technology and enables healthcare workers to control how their identity details are used and stored. With the DSP, a healthcare professional's data is held cryptographically on their mobile device using Connect.Me, Evernym's digital wallet. See how we made the difference
Modernising Customer Identity for Financial Services Condatis modernised an identity system for a global investment management organisation. Our Azure B2C solution met our client's needs. See how we made the difference
Transforming Customer Identity We recently engaged with a global insurance provider to transform its customer identity services by building a universal identity platform. See how we made the difference