Unlocking Efficiency with Microsoft Entra ID Governance

12 March 2024

The Client

Our client is a large multinational electronics company headquartered in Singapore. As an industry-leading innovator in household technology with a focus on performance, efficiency, and aesthetics, their products have garnered widespread acclaim and remain amongst top choice for consumers seeking cutting-edge solutions for their homes.

 The Challenge

Our client required a solution to address a number of issues within their ecosystem, most notably, to modernise the joiner, mover, and leaver (JML) processes for their staff and contingent workers. This modernised process would allow our client to speed up the onboarding of new staff and users in their system, increase security by standardising the leavers process, and boost efficiency by reducing unnecessary time spent, and automates a lot of currently manual tasks.

Some of the main issues that our client faced in their ecosystem were:

  • Slow onboarding time for users
  • Too many manual processes were inefficient uses of time
  • Our client’s in-house tool written in ASP.Net 6 is difficult to support.
  • Difficulty identifying different personas and roles
  • A one-persona-for-all approach to their users
  • Inappropriate user types being created (full users where guests would grant access required) causing ineffective usage of licences potentially increasing cost

It was important for our client that improving overall security and enhancing the end users experience was at the forefront of priority when addressing each of their business objectives.

The Solution

Through a Proof of Concept (PoC), Condatis demonstrated to our client that Microsoft Entra ID Governance could meet their objectives, and solve their business challenges, in the following ways…

  1. Perform a comprehensive scoping workshop with our client to:
  • Define 4 separate identity personas with individually corresponding access requirements
  • Define what “Basic Access” is and what this entails
  • Define the criteria for success when looking at the test plan
  1. Assist in the configuration of Workday Provisioning to Entra ID / Active Directory with a hybrid architecture
  2. Assist in the integration of test SaaS platform which supports SCIM.
  3. Implement Entra ID Governance Workflows to cover 2 joiner and 2 leaver processes
  4. Implement Access Packages to manage Mover processes
  5. Run test plan to ensure that PoC meets all success criteria for our clients requirements

The Benefits

Using Microsoft Entra ID Governance, Condatis’ PoC would enable our client to meet the proposed solution’s business objectives.

The key benefits included:

Fully automated end-to-end solution for joiners, movers, and leavers (JML): Implement a seamless process that automates the onboarding, movement, and offboarding of employees (Joiners, Movers, and Leavers) within the organisation. This includes provisioning and deprovisioning of access rights, resources, and privileges across various systems and applications.

Increased security through data quality control and reduced manual intervention: Enhance security measures by implementing robust data quality controls and minimising manual interventions in the JML processes. This ensures that access rights and permissions are accurately assigned and revoked, reducing the risk of unauthorised access or data breaches.

Enforcement of naming standards: Establish standardised naming conventions across all systems and platforms to ensure consistency and clarity in user identification and access management.

Fully scalable cloud solution supporting hybrid architecture: Develop a cloud-based solution that is flexible and scalable to accommodate the client’s current hybrid IT architecture. This ensures compatibility and seamless integration with both on-premises and cloud-based systems.

Optimisation of Entra ID P2 license capabilities: Maximise the utilisation of capabilities included in existing Entra ID P2 licenses to address JML requirements and streamline operations effectively.

Simplified solution architecture using modern capabilities and best practices: Design a solution architecture that leverages modern capabilities and incorporates industry best practices to simplify processes, enhance efficiency, and improve overall performance.

Integration with and enhancement of Microsoft Entra platform: Integrate the proposed solution seamlessly with the Microsoft Entra platform, leveraging its existing infrastructure and functionalities while enhancing its capabilities to meet specific JML needs.


This Proof of Concept (PoC) will serve as a foundation for building a compelling business case for the broader implementation of the final solution. The final design aims to achieve the stated objectives, elevate security measures, and enhance the overall end-user experience within our clients’ operations.

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