Decentralized Identity

What is Decentralised Identity?

Decentralised identity is a framework built to put users in control of their data using verifiable credentials. Decentralised identity solutions replace data held within siloed databases with self-owned credentials.

Microsoft describes this technology as the path to digital privacy, and through implementing distributed identity solutions, we ensure organisations put their user’s digital privacy front and centre.

As digital identity advances, privacy, security, and interoperability remain vital in ensuring a quality and robust service for an organisation and its customers.

Users will hold their credentials within a secure digital wallet, and the user grants organisations access to specific pieces of data.

Verifiable Credentials

Verifiable credentials are the digital versions of the identities we use daily, such as passports, driving licenses, employer credentials, and qualifications.

A verifiable credential is a piece of information about a user that is cryptographically signed by the organisation issuing it, such as a bank, university, or employer, and stored in the user’s secure digital wallet.

To prove that a trusted organisation has issued a credential and is not tampered with, a document describing the credential (but not the credential data itself) is published to blockchain technology.

When someone wishes to verify the credential, they request the credential contents from the user and read the description document from the blockchain.

The verifier can then perform cryptographic or other processes to determine if the credential is authentic and unchanged.

Decentralised technology: Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)

Think of SSI as your digital wallet. In everyday life, you carry your wallet around; this typically holds your bank card, a driver’s license, and a gym card. Now imagine this wallet, but digitally, like your Apple Wallet.

No one can see it, limiting the risk of theft. Your personal information is stored in your digital wallet, and specific items in this wallet are given out on your accord.

What is SSI?

Why choose Condatis?

We are Microsoft Solutions Partners and experts in identity and access management. We actively shape decentralised identity and strategic direction through our membership in the Decentralized Identity Foundation and Open Identity Exchange.

Our experts actively design and implement solutions for our clients while developing our new product in the decentralised identity space.

Benefits of our decentralised solutions:

  • Individuals control how their data is stored, shared, and used.
  • Significantly reduce time and cost of onboarding and staff movement.​
  • Integrate with modern applications or commercial software packages.​
  • Maintain a competitive advantage by using the latest solutions. ​
  • Scalable, supporting businesses as their identity requirements change.

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Decentralised Identity in Action

Condatis verifiable workplace credentials To continue streamlining the way we operate here at Condatis, we implemented Microsoft Azure AD Verifiable Credentials in our daily work processes. Verifiable credentials help us further secure the way visitors access our office, increase staff onboarding efficiency, and simplify our on-site health and safety procedures. By using verifiable credentials, we can fully trust records… Learn more
Optimising staff movement for Sellafield Ltd – a verifiable credentials case study This verifiable credentials case study covers Condatis and Sellafield's work to optimise staff movement with distributed ledger technology to expand Sellafield's employee identity management capabilities. Learn more
Enhancing student experiences with Microsoft Entra Verified ID Condatis and Microsoft engaged in a Proof of Value project with the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. The Proof of Value (PoV) focused on using Azure AD Verifiable Credentials to facilitate smoother student onboarding and use cases to enhance the student experience. Learn more
Rapid frontline staff deployment with the NHS Digital Staff Passport The DSP is built on decentralized technology and enables healthcare workers to control how their identity details are used and stored. With the DSP, a healthcare professional's data is held cryptographically on their mobile device using Connect.Me, Evernym's digital wallet. Learn more

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