Transforming Customer Identity

22 July 2021

Building a universal identity platform

We recently engaged with a global insurance provider to transform their customer identity services by building a universal identity platform. This single credential solution streamlines access to several of our client’s digital services, giving their customers the ability to self-serve.

The Client


Our client provides health and care services to millions of people worldwide with first-rate digital delivery supporting these services. Our client articulated their vision to deliver a universal platform that enables quick and simple access to digital services for all its users to achieve consolidation and continuity across geographies and services.

The Challenge

To have a single credential that all customer-facing apps could use on a universal identity platform, our client brought us on board to design and implement a single credential solution. The new system needed to allow their customers to have visibility into their existing insurance policies, provide flexibility for customers to upgrade and control their policies without requiring assistance from the customer support team.

The Solution

Built using Microsoft Azure AD B2C Identity Experience Framework (IEF), we designed a new and improved identity platform allowing customers to self-serve, manage their user profiles, and upgrade their accounts and membership schemes. Our client’s new system gives their customers the control and ability to access additional services. The platform allows users to login, register, and self-manage their profile, giving customers control over their membership types. Depending on a customer’s membership, users can login with an existing identity credential from their member portal. Users will not be required to create a new account for each service and can easily switch between membership schemes.

The identity platform gives our client the flexibility to control their digital transformation by allowing their global teams to deploy digital services independently of one another, allowing them to tailor the services offered through the on-boarding of Relying Parties whilst controlling access to sensitive personal data.


This universal identity platform is a robust and scalable solution that allows our clients’ customers and staff to:

  • Consolidate global services around a single centrally managed identity.
  • Use a globally available system that scales as demand changes.
  • On-board additional regions, individually, as digital transformation gathers pace within the organisation.
  • Self-serve and manage profiles globally.
  • Have common access journeys to our client’s digital services through on-boarding Relying Parties and using SSO to access them.
  • Use existing login details from previous digital services and their member portal to access the platform.
  • Sign up quickly and securely through a globally accessible registration system.
  • Deploy localised services using the platform’s support for language and customised branding variations within journeys.
  • Manage GDPR and Legal notices associated with the system.
  • Define a security model that supports levels of assurance and evaluating permissions through multifactor authentication.
  • Audit system events (such as storage, event, and telemetry) through a resilient dual service bus architecture.
  • Migrates users ‘just in time’ rather than performing a complex bulk migration operation.
  • Monitor infrastructure component availability and recent error events through regional support dashboards built from ARM templates.
  • Support for Customer Service Representation (CSR) through a secure administration app, allowing profile management to be handled on behalf of the user if required.

Our client now has an identity system that they can easily upscale as the business offers more digital services in the future.

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