International health and wellbeing provider

30 April 2019

The client

The client, a well-known international healthcare group with its origins and headquarters in the United Kingdom, owns and manages a number of IT services and online systems. One of its digital services is an online portal that facilitates transactional services with its members for the purposes of case management, membership, etc.

The challenge

As part of a strategy to consolidate IT environments and adopt cloud technologies, the client recognised the need to update the online portal to provide a more modern system – improving aspects such as registration and login – that was more straightforward for people to use and reduced the burden on IT support as well.

Central to this was the understanding that user identity is a “building block” in digital systems – and that getting identity right in the context of the online portal would provide a firm foundation and framework for future digital apps and services. User migration to the new system would be challenging, given the often incomplete our out of date information held in the current system.

The solution

The client elected to assess and test Microsoft’s Azure identity tooling (Identity Experience Framework, IEF) as a potential solution, reaching out to Condatis to demonstrate its features and value in the context of the online portal.

Condatis delivered this through a simple envision and planning phase, running a number of workshops to a) illustrate to the client’s stakeholders the feature set available in the Microsoft product and b) design a high-level solution architecture and proposal for live implementation. Condatis supported this through delivery of a simple proof of concept app (PoC) that made IEF capabilities real, and so demonstrated value to stakeholders early.

Following success of the PoC, the client engaged Condatis to deliver the entire authentication solution for the online portal – configuring IEF as the underlying identity management platform.

The benefits

Microsoft IEF gives the client an identity solution that offers a number of benefits:

  • Highly secure – abstracting the overhead of securing user identities from IT staff and providing users with high confidence in the system
  • Quick and simple registration and login – making it easier for users to access the system, providing a user experience that delights, and reducing the burden on IT support
  • Establishes an identity framework – that the client can build-out quickly and easily as it offers more digital services to its users

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