Staff Access Hackathon 2020: Condatis recap

29 September 2020

On the 21st and 22nd of September, Condatis took part in INTEROPen’s staff access hackathon. Hack themes focussed on better access to health and care tools through better identity management.

In terms of Condatis’ involvement, we’ve picked out some key moments and summarised our take of the event.

We kick-started with a live masterclass from expert Richard Astley on self-sovereign identity (SSI). Richard also gave an overview of our latest development SSI-OIDC Bridge, demonstrated in the Hackathon by identity architect, David Manning, and lead developer, Mikko Vuorinen.

We asked Richard how the masterclass went:

“The masterclass went great and people got an overview of some of the protocols and standards used in SSI. Everyone highlighted what a great learning opportunity the whole hackathon was, I was glad to be a part of it.  There was a huge amount of interest in the SSI OIDC Bridge so I got to speak with a lot of different people and hear their views and excitement about SSI and what it can be used for.”

Mikko and David also talked about their experience with presenting on OIDC Bridge and SSI. Here’s what they had to say:

“The presentation went really smoothly, thanks to the collaboration with other teams working on the same Collaborative Bank user story, and NHS’s Andrew Temple for setting the scene and bringing all the teams together. Thanks to the support from Evernym, we got all the bits working for the demo, and even some we didn’t have time to show.”

Condatis security architect, Dr. Elias Ekonomou also presented a masterclass in alignment with the Hackathon. Elias had his say on the Hackathon and his contribution:

“There was definitely excitement around the idea that Microsoft entering the scene, with participants remaining intrigued holding a “wait and see” type reaction. If anything, this is validation that SSI is here to stay”.

Condatis worked collaboratively across two days, many other teams used Condatis’ SSI-OIDC Bridge in their demos. With great collaboration came great success – with Condatis winning the hackathon. Our team worked hard across the Hackathon to come up with a quick, seamless solution for their presentation, and this was clearly recognised by many identity and healthcare experts.

A few words spring to mind when summing up the event; Inspiring, Educational, Interesting, and Collaborative. This was the opinion of many, and we thank NHSX and INTEROpen for putting on this Hackathon.



The opportunity to collaborate with so many teams across the hack was amazing – with so many great ideas, collaborative demos, and creations, all in the space of two days. It’s important we develop them, and further innovate the identity space. Condatis’ involvement with our sister company Sitekit Applications and our partners Identity Experts and Evernym within the hackathon perfectly demonstrate our team’s ethic and commitment to evolving the identity space. Within a short space of time, using technology to come up with a quick solution, to make the journey for all parties easy and secure. Let’s continue evolving, watch this space!


Interested in learning more about SSI-OIDC Bridge?