Condatis Credential Gateway 2.4 Release: Yoti DBS Right to Work feature

9 March 2023

We are proud to announce the latest release of the Condatis Credential Gateway 2.4, the newest version of our decentralized identity engineering platform.

Since its launch, the Gateway continues to evolve and add further features and 3rd party integrations to give implementors access to API abstractions of the latest identity technologies. Our latest Gateway release boasts new features that provide a higher level of trust and security by integrating the Yoti DBS service to enhance remote hiring and on-boarding processes.

The platform already supports features such as multi-tenancy, data source aggregation, revocation management, trust framework and trust list management with guaranteed data exchange integrity and integrations with Onfido , Microsoft Azure AD and Microsoft Entra Verified ID.

The addition of Yoti DBS and Right to Work (RTW) checks, provides an extra layer of trust between employers and candidates that require UK Government certified Right-To-Work checks. It enables employers to perform Right-To-Work checks using Yoti’s certified process and then issue employment credentials using the derived data directly into an individual’s digital wallet for use either within existing digital user flows or re-use across organisation boundaries.

This new service integration, for public and private organisations, extends the Condatis Credential Gateway’s capabilities to further simplify employee onboarding processes, encourage credential re-use, improve transparency and trustworthiness and, automate administrative flows.

As one of the UK’s first certified Identity Service Providers (IDSPs), our technology partner Yoti meets the strict GPG (Good Practice Guide) 45 requirements set out by the UK Government Digital Services for identity verification standards.

Automating DBS checks is of significant interest to public sector organisations, as it forms an integral part of the one login movement and roadmap. This feature streamlines and speed-ups initial identity screening and on-boarding by improving efficiency, decreasing administrative overhead and removing risk so employees can start working quicker.

What is a DBS check? (Source:

Verifying an individual’s identity following GPG45 requires IDSPs to follow a process known as ‘identity checking’. This process is made up of 5 parts:

  • Get evidence of the claimed identity.
  • Check the evidence is genuine or valid.
  • Check the claimed identity has existed over time.
  • Check if the claimed identity is at high risk of identity fraud.
  • Check that the identity belongs to the person who’s claiming it.

Each step of the process is scored, and these scores are used to determine what LoC has been achieved.

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