Introducing Microsoft Entra ID

3 August 2023

Evolution, not revolution 

On 11th July 2023, Microsoft announced at their Reimagine secure access discussion that they would be bringing Azure AD under the Microsoft Entra umbrella brand and renaming it as Microsoft Entra ID. The goal of the unified Entra product suite is to “safeguard connections between people, apps, resources, and devices with multicloud identity and network access products.” 

Since its launch in 2010 the solution has been used by approximately 700 million users  and more than 300,000 organisations proving its dominance in the Identity and Access Management (IAM) space.  

As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, Condatis is a UK leader when it comes to (formerly known) Azure AD. This article will unpack the evolution, not revolution of the newly titled Microsoft Entra ID. 


What is Microsoft Entra ID? 

More than ever, organisations need to ensure that their IAM solutions are adequate for the new factors and challenges faced in today’s digital landscape. Increasing cybersecurity threats, remote working patterns, and BYOD (bring your own device) policies are only some of the key reasons organisations need to ensure they have enhanced solutions. 

The cloud-based identity and access management service plays a crucial role in securing environments and enabling modern workplace scenarios. Microsoft positions the solution with three key value propositions: 

  • Secure adaptive access: providing a dynamic approach to access and security, leveraging bespoke policies. 
  • Seamless user experiences: increasing access efficiency through a secure and simple sign-on experience. 
  • Unified identity management: increasing visibility and control of all applications, whether on-premise or in the cloud.

Why use Microsoft Entra ID? 

Based on these key value propositions, there are several specific benefits to adopting Microsoft Entra: 

Secure adaptive access 

  • Centralised Identity Management: the platform can manage identities, access permissions and security policies across various applications and services within an organisation. Conditional access policies provide an extra layer of security by providing access controls based on a variety of factors such as user location, role, device, and risk level. 
  • Application management: the platform can manage access to thousands of cloud and on-premises applications, providing the ability to add and remove applications as well as automating the user access lifecycle for specific applications. 
  • Identity Protection and Threat detection: detecting suspicious activities and potential security threats, safeguarding organisations against unauthorised access and data breaches. 

Seamless user experiences 

  • Single Sign On: users can access multiple apps and resources with one set of log-in credentials, fostering a better user experience and removing the need to remember multiple passwords.  
  • Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA): enable enhanced security, organisations can add an extra layer of protection beyond just passwords by requiring users to provide additional verification methods for example via mobile app, FIDO2, text, or phone call. 

Unified identity management 

  • Integrations with Microsoft Services: integrations are seamless with existing Microsoft services (Office 365, Microsoft 365) and enhance overall productivity.  
  • Customisable and scalable: adapt to any organisation size and meet specific needs.  
  • Compliance and Auditing: businesses can ensure they are meeting regulatory compliance requirements by providing detailed audit logs and reports, which can be critical for certain industries. 
  • Developer-friendly: it functions through APIs and developer tools making it easier to integrate IAM capabilities plus business applications and services. 


Azure AD to Entra ID 

Designed to enhance user experience and streamline navigation within the expanded Microsoft Entra portfolio, Microsoft Entra ID represents the next evolutionary step in unifying these powerful products. The new name brings together a comprehensive suite of products and services, all under one cohesive platform. This integration better communicates the distinct value proposition and unique differentiators of the Entra portfolio in the market.  

Emphasising a user-centric approach, Microsoft Entra ID empowers organisations with enhanced productivity, robust security, and seamless collaboration, making it the popular choice for businesses seeking a unified solution in today’s digital world. 

Simply put, the service itself has not changed, but rather evolved to fit with the wider Microsoft Entra vision. 


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As Bret Arsenault, CISO of Microsoft noted in the announcement, it’s about progress over perfection. There are a host of identity solutions organisations can leverage within the Microsoft Entra suite, start with the Entra ID basics such as MFA and establishing device health and your business has already made a huge step towards a stronger identity posture.   

If you’re ready to implement or expand Microsoft Entra ID within your organisation, contact our team to learn more.

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