Microsoft Entra External ID revealed at Microsoft Build 2023

24 May 2023


Microsoft Entra External ID Build 2023 Banner image

Have you heard whispers about Microsoft Entra External ID, Microsoft’s next-generation Customer Identity and Access Management (CIAM) platform? We’re here to tell you what you’ve missed so far.

In the run-up to Microsoft Build, Microsoft announced an early preview of the new Microsoft Entra External ID solution. Whether your IAM system is set up to support customers, partners, or citizens, this new system is an evolutionary step in converging secure user experiences for all external identities and consolidating them within a single integrated platform.

Early preview of Microsoft Entra External ID

The early preview at Microsoft Build allows your developers to give direct feedback to Microsoft’s product team, so developers can help shape the solution before Microsoft moves it to General Availability, planned for early 2024.

Our work with the Microsoft Engineering team has consisted of implementing solutions using multiple private Beta releases in the preceding months and providing feedback on the beta versions. In addition, we have provided input on the evolving functionality priorities based on experience with our current customers.

The Microsoft Entra External ID platform will be the future of Microsoft’s CIAM solution. It has been a pleasure and a great experience to be working alongside our partners at Microsoft on the private Beta versions of their emerging Identity and Access Management system.

Microsoft Entra External ID will only be available via the Entra portal and is positioned as the future CIAM solution for the Entra product family.

Photo of Ian Stewart, Chief Operating Officer

“As Microsoft Gold and now Solutions Partner, we are fully committed to ensuring we can provide customers with exceptional service and future-proofed solutions. The time spent with Microsoft working on these Beta releases is invaluable. It is an example of our dedication to making sure that we know everything we need to know before change happens so that we can equip our customers with advanced solutions that meet their evolving needs and exceed their expectations.”

– Ian Stewart, Chief Operating Officer & Head of IT.


What about customers using Azure Active Directory B2C service?

Current Azure AD B2C customers are not required to take any action. Microsoft and Condatis will continue fully supporting our B2C customers and the bespoke solutions you use today. You are not required to migrate your solutions, and there are no plans for the current B2C solution to be discontinued. (Learn More about Entra External ID)

We understand that organisations operate differently and have unique challenges.

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