Condatis Receive Microsoft Entra Partner Excellence Recognition for Verified ID

7 October 2022

It’s been a week since the Condatis team touched down in Edinburgh after spending a few days in Seattle at Microsoft Entra Airlift 2022. Hosted by Sue Bohn and Ankur Arora, Microsoft fuelled the event with energy, enthusiasm, and innovation, culminating with Microsoft’s recognition for partners that have helped drive their vision forward across the globe, making Entra products a reality for customers everywhere. 

We are proud to receive Partner Excellence Recognition for Microsoft Entra Verified ID. This awardacknowledges our work during Entra Verified ID’s introduction to the market, delivering customer wins that span remote student journeys, employee onboarding, accessing high-value apps and resources, and our collaboration with Microsoft on their product development roadmap.  

It was a fantastic opportunity to stand side by side with our partners and colleagues, ITC Secure, Avanade, and Transparity, each walking away with an award of their own. The event was an opportunity for the wider Microsoft Security Ecosystem to celebrate each of our achievements on a global scale. Airlift was also a fantastic learning opportunity for us all to come away with new ideas for fearlessly taking unique industry challenges by the horns, responding to sector needs with agility, expertise and the gold standard expected from working with a Microsoft partner.  

 A massive congratulations to our friends and partners at teams: 

  • Avanade for receiving recognition as Partner Excellence in External Identity, successfully driving their customer’s digital identity and business transformation initiatives, an area that Condatis was also nominated for recognition  
  • Transparity Solutions Ltd for recognition as Partner Excellence in Modernization and Migration, helping customers modernise and secure their infrastructure by driving ADFS to Azure AD migrations.  
  • ITC Secure for their special mention as a specialist partner in Transformation and Consolidation,helping their customers gain value with Microsoft Entraby migrating and consolidating from other IAM platforms. 

Chris Tate, CEO at Condatis, said, “Microsoft Airlift was a stimulating few days with so much interesting technical information and announcements on strategy and direction. I’m thrilled I could attend and share the experience with my colleagues Alasdair and Richard. We’ve learned much from Microsoft and the other outstanding partners in the ecosystem. We aim to bring this same energy and drive from Airlift with us back at Condatis HQ, continuing our journey to #BeFearless and bringing decentralized identity solutions to market. Thank you to the Microsoft Security Team. It was such a welcome surprise to walk away with recognition as Partner Excellence in Entra Verified ID. The award acknowledges all the work done by our team on projects such as RMIT University, Sellafield Ltd and the NHS Digital Staff Passport with our sister company Sitekit, supported by our colleagues at Microsoft.” 


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