Webinar: Digital Identity in the Travel and Tourism Sector

18 March 2022

On the 24th March from 10-11 am, TechUK host ‘Digital Identity in the Travel and Tourism Sector joined by Industry experts from Condatis, iProov, and Pegasus. This webinar provides a comprehensive look into the opportunities for digital identity implementation in travel and tourism. 

The pandemic has presented many challenges for the Travel and Tourism sector, and as we somewhat return to ‘normality’, the adoption of digital ID is an essential component to this sector. How exactly can digital identity technologies be used to streamline Travel and Tourism? Join Gillian Jones, Andrew Bud, and Jim Robinson for an in-depth discussion on what more needs to be done to realise the full benefits of digital identity for travel and tourism.

This webinar is completely free to attend and offers industry expert insights.

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