Webinar series: Getting started with Self-Sovereign Identity (SSI)

15 September 2020

Join us in demonstrating next-generation identity, Self-Sovereign Identity.

In this webinar, our experts will be discussing SSI. Focusing on how this next-generation identity service can be implemented within your business. Experts Richard Astley, David Manning, and David Downs will provide this insight on self-sovereign patterns and protocols, with a Q&A session to follow.

Our webinars will run on the first Wednesday of the month from October 2020 with our final webinar in March 2021. Each webinar runs for approximately 1 hour from 3 PM until 4 PM (BST). With 40 minutes dedicated to presenting, and 15 minutes open for questions and answers.

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View recordings from previous sessions below or save the full playlist on YouTube.

Session 1: Getting started with Self-Sovereign Identity – 21 October 2020

In this session, we kicked off our webinar series on self-sovereign identity (SSI). Our presenters, Richard Astley and Mikko Vuorinen covered the basics of self-sovereign identity.

Session 2: Decentralised identity protocols and standards – 18 November 2020

In this session, our specialists Richard Astley and Mikko Vuorinen focused specifically on decentralized identity protocols and standards.

Session 3: Using Hyperledger Aries to Issue and Verify Credentials – 16 December 2020

This webinar marked the third in our series, following on from decentralized identity protocols and standards, and an introduction to self-sovereign identity. our experts looked at using Hyperledger Aries to issue and verify credentials

Session 4: SIOP and Microsoft Authenticator – 20 January 2021

In our fourth webinar on decentralized identity, CTO, Chris Eckl, and Lead Developer, Antonios Tsikrikas delved into external systems integration, focusing specifically on SIOP and Microsoft Authenticator.

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