UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO) MGIA Customer Identity

2 June 2020

The Client

The UK Hydrographic Office (UKHO) is a world-leading centre for hydrography, specialising in marine geospatial data that helps others to unlock a deeper understanding of the world’s oceans.

Working with a wide range of partners, UKHO source, process and provide access to this data, ranging from seabed to surface. This is key to helping others make the best use of our oceans in safer, more secure and more sustainable ways.

UKHO offers a portfolio of services to government, private sector, and the public. Through the ADMIRALTY Marine Data Portal and API Manager, UKHO helps people make use of oceans safely and sustainably.

The ADMIRALTY Marine Data Portal provides people and organisations with a wide range of data sets from wrecks, obstructions, seabed composition and much more. The API Manager service allows UKHO to use ocean data in third-party apps.

The Challenge

Paper charts were a high-revenue stream for UKHO. With the demand to move to digital, the organisation needed to ensure that their digitised maps and data services would retain the same high value.

Condatis was brought on-board to implement a digital front door to ADMIRALTY Marine Data Portal and API Manager, integrating seamlessly with Dynamics 365 to support customer management.

The Solution

MGIA user profile

Working closely with technical staff at UKHO, Condatis developed an identity platform that demonstrates how Microsoft Azure AD B2C can be used to provide a single identity across internal and third-party systems.

The new platform builds on Azure AD B2C’s infrastructure and services to offer custom user journeys and policies. This is particularly important because of the wide range of systems at UKHO.

The solution distinguishes between the two user types (customer or staff) and automatically directs people to the right pages. Customers see a branded, user-friendly account registration/ sign-in page, and staff members are asked for their Active Directory (AD) credentials.

The Benefits

Through the development of custom user journeys using Azure AD B2C, UKHO’s different systems can be accessed using Single Sign On (SSO).

Having easy, secure access to charts modernises the customer experience and enables UKHO to grow out its digital services.

Condatis successfully created a solution that enables:

  • A secure front-door to digital services
  • Azure AD B2C enabled Single Sign On (SSO) across different systems, improving ease of access, and protecting UKHO Intellectual Property (IP)
  • An identity platform that is re-usable across UKHO, providing opportunities to maximise investment and achieve a Return On Investment (ROI)
  • Custom user journeys for users dependent on their user type, with custom branding
  • Customers to have the ability to self-manage their account, reducing the burden on UKHO support teams

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