Identity and Access Management is rarely ever a blank canvas.

As we have seen with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, it has never been more critical for businesses to be able to reach their customers, wherever they are in the world, through the provision of digital services.

Our team of architects and software engineers in Condatis have a wealth of experience in designing, developing and delivering secure and scalable Identity and Access Management systems using the Microsoft Azure AAD B2C product.

Wherever your organisation is along its journey, we can design the architecture and deploy a new Microsoft Azure-based scalable digital identity and access management solution. As domain experts in identity, we can assist in developing or reviewing your enterprise identity strategy, ensuring that your identity management solution meets your business needs with security, scalability, internationalisation and performance requirements met by harnessing the power of Azure.

We can also assist in devising and implementing strategies for transitioning your existing services into a centralised identity management system, including migration of existing users.

Our expertise in identity doesn’t stop at Azure-based systems; we are also helping to lead the charge in the design and development of decentralised systems utilising the power of verifiable credentials.

We have been working with technologies from Microsoft, Evernym and Trinsic to develop innovative, vendor-agnostic systems to meet the growing demand for decentralised systems that provide enhanced trust and security while offering increased end-user privacy.

Integrating services into existing digital infrastructures

Integration workstreams we have delivered previously include the following:

  • Existing business applications which users access in their day to day work
  • HR systems and databases that govern employee access to services
  • CRM and authorisation databases that govern customer or partner access to services
  • Consideration of the work patterns and anticipated load periods to deliver solutions that perform at scale.
  • Support for users accessing services via multiple device types
  • Migration of existing service users to a cloud-based solution.

If clients already have Azure infrastructure and subscriptions; we integrate and deploy systems so that clients always retain governance and control of their assets. If not, we extend clients existing solution into Azure where they are in clients’ control.

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