You know your business. We understand identity.

Getting identity and access management right means solving business problems. You’re the expert in your business, we’re the identity experts. Working together, we’ll deploy a solution that builds a better front door to your digital services.

Establishing identity and access management means understanding how different services fit together (your domain) and what’s possible in a given budget and timeline (our domain). Working together we will:

  • Baseline identity terminology so we’re all speaking the same language
  • Put your requirements in context and validate them
  • Solution design together with your engineering teams
  • Plan for success in weeks, not months
  • Develop an IAM strategy that supports your current and future business objectives

Our team

We say we’re the experts and we back this up. We have a team of more than 40 identity and access management subject matter experts. We train our team with the latest Microsoft Azure qualifications so every engineer working for you has been rigorously assessed to the highest competency standards. Because we train and improve our team, we are recognised by Microsoft as a Solutions Partner for Digital App & Innovation.

Meet our team

How we work

We see common IAM challenges across the sectors and projects we work in. This means we have template solutions we bring to your business to get going fast.

Requirements analysis

Half-day workshops where you state the problem to solve and we listen. We need you to tell us:

  • Services/applications in scope for discussion
  • User volumes, behaviours, problems and trends
  • Existing/legacy user data stores
  • Non-functional requirements (NFRs)

Solution design

Half-day workshops where we agree what IAM looks like in your IT real-estate. We build on your existing Azure infrastructure where possible, minimising the need to spend money on new components or licencing. We give you:

  • High-level design

Plan for success

Off-site working where together we agree the right delivery approach to get your services into the hands of your users. What we need from you:

  • Service/application representation
  • User representation
  • IAM product owner
  • Business representation and budget owner

We’ll deliver project plan, backlog and RAID (Risks, Assumptions, Impacts, Dependencies) artefacts that show a clear route to live with inspection points for improvement and course correction.


How your IAM capabilities will adjust in the medium term. You need to tell us how your business will change, and we’ll produce an IAM roadmap to help you get there, considering:

  • Changes in legislation (e.g., accessibility)
  • Changes in user behaviour (e.g., increase in digital, decrease in face to face)
  • Changes in technology

Identity health check & security review

Evaluate where your IAM platform is fit for purpose and where it needs to be improved. Prioritise items to fix.

Find out more about our Consultancy services

Get in touch with our team to discuss the next steps in improving the efficiency and security of your organisation. After you contact us, one of our experts will get back to you to learn more and understand your requirements.