As a Microsoft Solutions Partner, the Condatis Delivery Team are committed to helping you understand the identity landscape, define your strategy, plan, design and deliver solutions which meet your business requirements.

Strategy, Architecture & Security

Identity is a critical component of an organisation’s digital transformation and our dedicated team of Architects, Business Analysts, UX and Security experts are available to help guide you through the process of building an identity strategy, designing solutions and advising on security best practice.

We have extensive experience creating solutions using different identity frameworks; such as IEF (Identity Experience Framework) and DID (Decentralised Identities), accommodating the full range of protocols (OIDC, SAML, OAuth2) and designing robust data migration and auditing strategies to ensure smooth integration into your IT ecosystem and minimising user impact during ‘go-live’.

Through structured Workshops and, Assess and Plan activities our team will elicit your organisations key business requirements, make strategic and tactical proposals, and provide solution options.

Planning & Delivery

There is no ‘one size fits all’ for software delivery, and at Condatis, we understand that. Our planning and delivery approach is to understand your project, and organisation, and then use the most suitable methodology to maximise the value, transparency and control you have during the engagement.

Our project delivery consultants support every engagement and are experienced in dealing with digital identity and the potential for unclear features or technical requirements. Through our strong Agile practice, we can use a range of methodologies, such as SCRUM, Scaled Agile or Kanban, to structure and control collaborative discovery of requirements and build solutions iteratively to demonstrate value quickly. Alternatively, if the requirements are clear and concise a waterfall approach maybe better, our delivery consultants will work with you to define the best approach for you.

Infrastructure & Deployment

Identity and Access Management (IAM) solutions provide a front door to your organisation making it vital that the correct controls, architecture, and deployment strategies are in place.

Our DevOps team is on-hand from the start of all engagements to provide guidance designing scalable and secure infrastructures using the latest security and technical features offered by Microsoft Azure.  In addition to infrastructure design our DevOps team can build automated pipelines, within Azure DevOps or Kubernetes, enabling you to use robust release flows for future deployments to development and production environments.

User Experience

‘User experience encompasses all aspects of the end-users’ interaction with a company’s services and products’ [Nielson Norman Group] and our UX consultants are available to help with a full system analysis or work collaboratively with your own UX team to ‘define the possible’ within an identity system.

Working collaboratively with our UI developers and UX team we are focused on improving the practical UI qualities; such as utility and usability, of the solutions we create to ensure user flows attain the relevant standards and have the greatest impact for your customers.


Once a project reaches development we welcome and encourage continued client participation through scrum meetings, demos, and retrospectives. The most successful projects are those that involve your Product Owners, Architects and Project Managers working in partnership with us throughout an engagement.

Our engineers offer a full spectrum of skills covering Azure B2C IFS, Decentralised Technologies, mobile application development (Android and iOS), user experience and interface design, security analysis, logging, and auditing. Condatis engineers love certification and hold many Microsoft Accreditations, such as Azure Administrator.


As an ISO 27001 company we understand that while we deliver, possibly at speed, we never compromise on quality. Our team practice Test Driven Development (TDD) and all our projects benefit from a fully automated test approach wherever possible.

Depending on the solution our QA, UX and DevOps engineers can build dedicated load, scalability, and usability automated test frameworks to check solutions work within your environments and use cases.

All our projects are delivered using the Microsoft Secure Development Lifecycle (SDLC) and as part of this process Threat Modelling is used to ensure security risks are understood and mitigated right from the design stage.

Knowledge Transfer & Support

At code completion we will provide all the necessary documentation and training to enable your internal teams, or external partners, to take ownership of the solution. We are available for follow-up work or advise whenever you need us through post-delivery consultancy or alternatively the Sitekit Group can offer 24/7/365 support packages to ensure your solution is maintained, monitored and available.

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