Efficient, simple and intuitive design makes users happy and reduces costs. This principle guides all our work.

Our Nielsen Norman Group Certified UX designers work with clients throughout their projects. During discovery and planning we use Lean UX to develop ideas, create story maps and user journeys and help clients to prioritise and define value.

These activities create an understanding of users’ needs and business goals. Activities include competitive usability testing, field studies, persona development, heuristic analysis and design reviews.

User-centred agile development

During development our team transitions to agile UX to support efficient development. Continuing to work with clients, we test and refine concepts and designs. Sketches, paper prototypes and wireframes enable us to carry out usability testing. Learning, we iterate and develop higher-fidelity experiences for clients and their stakeholders. Fast iteration allows us to craft great experiences for users. Our approach gives users what they want and reduces organisations’ costs.

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