Webinar recap: SIOP and Microsoft Authenticator

29 January 2021

Last week, CTO, Chris Eckl and Lead Developer, Antonios Tsikrikas, hosted the fourth webinar in our decentralized identity series. This session focuses specifically on SIOP and Microsoft Authenticator. In this blog, we’ll be recapping the Q&A session from the day.  

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Wallet attributes  

We didn’t see all the attributes from both wallets in the bridge demo, was that intended? 

For demo purposes, since the two credentials are different, we only requested a subset of the common attributes for both credentials.   

Please note: as this session was in the format of a demonstration, we recommend watching the video below. 

Microsoft code  

Is the Microsoft code available for everyone?  

This is currently in private preview, which we have special access to as Microsoft partners. Microsoft has released a few videos on their website concerning it, and they are planning to put the code into public preview very soon so the code will become available in time. In our demo, the URLs are freely available to use privately, but unfortunately not publicly. 

Condatis OIDC Bridge  

Is the Condatis Bridge available to use?  

The Condatis bridge is available, it is in use, however, not to the extent in which we showed in the demonstration with the Microsoft button and the Connect.Me button, for example. For the production release, we can only use the Connect.Me stack, so this is the only available to you just now. 

As mentioned, the Microsoft stack is currently still in private preview, hence our inability to use it in the Condatis OIDC Bridge 

Microsoft credentials – iOS 

Are the Microsoft Credentials also available on iOS?  

These credentials are only currently available in full on the android version of the app, it is in the iOS app, but it doesn’t offer all the features.  

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Download the webinar slides.