Welcome, Condatis: Sitekit launches new brand in digital identity

12 September 2019
From left to right: Chris Eckl, Condatis CTO, Kate Forbes MSP, Polly Purvis, ScotlandIS CEO, Campbell Grant, Sitekit Ltd Group MD, Kirsty Grant, co-owner Sitekit Ltd. Photo credit: Headshots Scotland

Edinburgh, United Kingdom, 12 September 2019 —  

Following record growth of their digital identity servicesSitekit Systems has launched Condatis, a new brand in identity and access management. The company’s new trading name coincides with a move to larger Edinburgh offices to accommodate its rapidly growing team. 

Condatis® is the new trading name and brand of Sitekit Systems.  Condatis builds digital identity and access management (IAM) systems that keep organisations secure, while organisations’ customers, partners or citizens have seamless access to their digital services.  

Condatis’ clients include global financial and health companies and central Government departments. Its team of identity experts includes highly experienced software engineers, solution architectsbusiness analysts and project managers from around the world 

Originally founded in Portree, on Skye, as part of the Sitekit Ltd group, Condatis has outgrown its Edinburgh offices for the third time and moved into specially fitted out offices on Leith Links in Edinburgh.  The office, designed for Condatis by Edinburgh interior designers, Anchorpoint, was opened on 12 September by Kate Forbes MSP and Polly Purvis, CEO of ScotlandIS. 

Chris Eckl, Condatis CTO and co-founder, saidCondatis is rapidly changing the digital identity landscape. With considerable experience in creating digital identity for UK citizens, we are now getting traction from organisations around the world, keen to use our lessons learned in different settings. It is an innovative, fast-evolving industry that we are proud to be part of.” 

The name Condatis was chosen as a reference to the Celtic god Condatis, who is associated with the confluence of riversLike the mythical god, working with data rather than water, the company securely joins data from different sources, whilst protecting organisations and users from unauthorised access.  

 “Above all else, we are a company that creates straightforward, practical solutions for a digital landscape where assured identity is key to streamlining services.” Eckl said. “For modern organisations, efficiency is everything. It is finding the balance between security, efficiency and user experience, where we excel. We are delighted that our approach has been successful with our clients and we are now at the point where we can expand to larger office, with a new look. We look forward to the future with confidence and excitement.

About Sitekit Group 

Condatis is the trading name of Sitekit Systems, part of the Sitekit Ltd group. Sitekit companies empower organisations to offer their customers trusted digital services. Sitekit believes in collaboration, open standards, decentralised identity and full data ownership by the citizen, to create a global, transparent digital ecosystem.  

Sitekit Ltd was founded in Skye in 1989, and has a significant footprint in private and public sectorSitekit creates innovative digital products from start to finish: from envisioning workshops through architecture, system integration and software development, to testing and full-service support. 

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