Security Starts with Digital Identity

25 September 2023

Watch our Future Oil and Gas 2023 presentation – ‘Security Starts with Digital Identity’.

Take a look at the recording of our Future Oil & Gas (FOG2023) presentation – ‘Security Starts with Digital Identity’ below:


In today’s rapidly evolving landscape, industries across the board are exploring the vast potential of digital innovations to optimise their operations, drive efficiency, and unlock new revenue streams.

Our Oil & Gas IAM (Identity and Access Management) lead, Lisa Guit, highlights:

  • What digital identity is and why it’s integral to the modern business landscape
  • Why a robust digital identity framework is foundational to safeguarding your organisation’s digital journey
  • The power of Verifiable Credentials, and how organisations can enhance their operational efficiency within the Oil & Gas sector


Watch the presentation now, and use the form below to get in touch if you have any questions!

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